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C4 engine cuts out in traffic at idle - when clutch is depressed

It has been identified that certain vehicles may not start due to an intermittent fault in the on board immobiliser

Citroen have issued a re call XYS for the C4 - Click Here - for this which may have been missed

Recalled vehicles will have the control column unit holding the immobiliser, wiper and indicator controls re-placed.

It doesn't affect all cars though so if in doubt contact a dealer and give them the VIN or Registration number and they can do a search on outstanding re-calls for any C4

Also for people with the 2.0HDi, if you're car is before RP no. 11261 (RP number is found on the tyre pressure label on the drivers door pillar) and you've got the non particulate filter version then there's a software update for this fault.

ENGINE STOPS WHILST DRIVING - Info Rapid - C4 - 1 - No. 36


C4 DW10BTED4 (RHR) engine without particulate emission filter.


Engine stops while driving When slowing down (such as when entering a roundabout) - when de-clutching.


Calibration of the engine management ecu .


Operating procedure:

Software downloading.

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