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Find out why my Diesel has lost power

The first thing to check is the MAF (Mas Airflow Sensor) it is fitted between the air filter and the intercooler/turbo - usually on the outlet of the air filter - if that fails it regulates anything after it.

If you are capable - you can take it out and clean it yourself with brake cleaner - but unless you are very competent, don't even think about.

The symptom is total lack of power, no acceleration...and in some cases the ECU reverting limp mode.

The other thing to check is pipes are properly connected to the Turbo - poperly. If they are not, similar symptoms can occur. You can check this by opening the bonnet get someone to give it some revs and listen for whoosh of air near the turbo - this can also cause premature turbo wear as there is more hot gas than there is cold air going through it - meaning overheating of the turbo.

Also have the EGR checked - the maf regulates that on diesels..

I woud always start at the logic method - lack of power = follow airflow to manifold and make sure it is all working, then check fuel...then check the expensive components

Info 25 April 2007 by j-c

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