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Tailgate Lock Failure?

What most people won't realise is that the handle on the tailgate has no physical, mechanical link to the lock itself. It's all connected via the main electrical circuit

If you feel under the handle gently you can hear click with the gentlest of touches.

Basically a small plastic flap touches a 'micro switch' which sends an impulse to the actual lock telling it to open. That impulse goes via the wiring harness but if that switch fails, or the battery is dead you can't open the tailgate!

In my case the lock was opening when the central locking was unlocked making the tailgate 'pop' open which pointed to a fault in the actual lock unit itself. It didn't happen every time so is what is known as an 'intermittent' fault. The cause of which was unknown and generally by it's nature, hard to trace.

However changing the locking unit (under warranty) has cured the issue. There was one report though of a tailgate 'popping' open whilst a car was on the move so if it happens to you go straight to the local dealer to have the issue rectified a.s.a.p

Changing the tailgate lock or handle on a Citro├źn C4 is not a complicated process and takes less than 30 minutes with a few basic tools.

There's a 'How To' with pictures here - Click Here -

If your car tailgate lock has 'failed' closed, how do you get access to change the lock

You need to drop the back seats and crawl into the boot to get at the lock and follow the instructions.

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Info 14 February 2009 by Dave_Retired.

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