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Access Citro├źn's Technical Manuals for the C4

You can go to Citroen's Service Box - Click Here - and register however as a 'private individual' is no longer an option. You have to be a 'Motor Trade Professional' although a VAT number is not required.

The process only takes a couple of minutes, and the site is multilingual.

Once registered you can then access the online manuals used by Citroen Technicians for the following fees:

1 hour subscription 5.20 Euros excl VAT

1 day subscription (24 hours) 23 Euros excl VAT

1 week subscription (7 days) 99 Euros excl VAT

1 month subscription (30 days) 319 Euros excl VAT

1 year subscription (365 days) 2,395 Euros excl VAT

To use if fully you need a programme called 'Iso View' which has a free trial period.

However diagrams can be saved to file and viewed by Photoshop, printed etc.

Free services include viewing details of your car's specifications by entering the VIN number and being able to download pages of the Owner's Handbook (not the the entire document) in 24 different languages.

Plus access technical information such as parts lists amongst others.

Please note: the prices shown for access are current as of 11th May 2015 and are subject to change.

Info 09 January 2009 by Dave_Retired.

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