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C4 HDi Common Rail Pressure Sensor, where is it

Q1. Hi, Can anyone tell me where I can find the common rail pressure sensor in a C4 picasso 1.6 HDi EGS VTR+ Have been looking but without success so far.

Q2. Are all the fuel rail sensors in the same position on all C4 picasso models. Mine is a 1.6 HDI. I have the battery and tray out, also, the fuel filter housing moved and the air filter pipes disconnected but I don't see the pressure sensor. Can you confirm for me please. With my car being an EGS, is the gearbox different moving the sensor to another position?

Phil wrote ...

It's tucked right round the back of the engine - see picture (looking at the back of the engine) below.

You need to remove the battery and tray, air filter inlet pipes - also move the fuel filter housing out the way.

Yes they are all the same. Follow the metal injector pipes with your hand down the back or the engine, these go to the rail. Then work your hand to the right..... it'll be on the end.

There isn't much room at all.. it'll need to be done by feel!

407Ron wrote ...

The high pressure sensor is directly under the egr valve,the pic was taken with the egr valve may have a better chance if you try to get to it from the right/under of the egr valve...this pic was taken from a 407 with the same engine....

This is the removal guide of the high pressure sensor connector for a tuningbox i used on a 407 website i'm on..hope it helps.

Info 07 August 2010 by Phil

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