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Change a C4 Coupe or Hatch Air Filter?

I changed the Air filter on my 1.6 HDI (92) last night. It took me about an hour. I did not have to take the wipers and scuttle off, however it is a bit of a pain to do.

1.Remove engine cover. - just clips off

2. Remove the bolts for the brake header and slide to the side (2bolts).

3. Remove the pipe from box behind headlight to air filter (twists off).

4. Remove the pipe from turbo to sensor on air box (undo jubilee clips).

5. Unclip and remove the sensor from air box (3 bolts).

6. This is where the fun begins, there are 3 allen head bolts along the front of the air box, you will need a small ratchet with the allen head.

Then the lid lifts at the front and comes out the locators at the back of the box and you can slide it out round by the battery, change the filter.

Refitting is reverse of removal.

Info 15 June 2010 by minty

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