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Activate my C4GP Parking Assistance function?

Sharrisonb wrote ...

I've just collected my new (secondhand) C4 GP its got lots of extras including parking assistance, but I can't get it to work.

I've pressed P and then indicated but nothing and tried it the other way round same again. Any tip? I've got to pop back into the dealers tomorrow anyway so will ask there but thought I'd give the forum a try.

neilos wrote ...

Are you sure its not just the rear parking assist sensors fitted? I have the 'P' button too and it controls only the rear sensors. The one that measures the space for parallel parking is called something else..the 'parking space gap measurement system'!

Uses radar to measure the gap and tells you whether its easy, ok or not possible to park to park in the space. Displays these readings on the central display.

This is an option and not fitted as standard.

1. Press button A('P' On the steering wheel) to select the function.

2. Activate the direction indicator on the side where the space is to be measured.

3. During the measuring, go forward the length of the space, at a speed less than 20 km/h (approx. 12 mph), to prepare for your manoeuvre.

The system then measures the size of the space.

4. The system informs you of the level of difficulty of the manoeuvre via a message on the multifunction screen accompanied by a gong.

5. Depending on the message issued by the system, you may or may not be able to perform the manoeuvre.

The function displays the following types of message

Parking possible

Parking difficult

Parking not advised

Note : The function deselects itself automatically :

- when you engage reverse gear,
- when you switch off the ignition,
- if measuring is not requested,
- within five minutes of selection of the function,
- if the vehicle speed exceeds the threshold of 70 km/h (approx. 45 mph) for one minute.

Warning : if the lateral distance between your vehicle and the parking space is too large, the system may
not be able the measure the space.


The function remains available after each measurement and thus can measure more than one space during your search.

- In bad weather conditions or in winter, make sure that the sensors are not covered by dirt, or by ice or snow.

The parking space sensor function deactivates the front parking assistance during the space measuring phase when you are in forward gear.

Copied from hand book...

Incidentally, the 'P' button i ham talking about in my first reply is by my right knee. I don't have the one on the steering wheel. If you have that i guess you should have the gap measurement system fitted.

Info 08 January 2009 by neilos

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