How to fit an official wiring kit to a C4GP (Grand Picasso)

blueclouduk, 20 May 2009

Thanks to the very friendly chaps at [Dealer1] through C4owners Premier Membership I was able to purchase an official Citroen wiring kit for a few pennies under £92.

That was the easy bit out of the way, next came the hard bit.

The official Citroen time to fit the kit is 2 hours. It took me over 4!

All the bits supplied in the kit.

The contents of the bag.

The area in Busy Bee about to be decimated.

Removing the tonneau and net is essential.

Ensure the battery is disconnected BEFORE removing any panels.

Lift up the rear seats and remove the plastic sill cover.

Fold down the rear seats and move the near-side centre seat fully forward.

Carefully start removing the plastic trim.

The top piece from the rear-most window.

Remove the screw from the tonneau bracket.

Pop out the boot lamp.

Remove the screw from the top side panel.

Carefully start to peel away the plastic panels. They are very tough to remove and require lots of patience to avoid breaking bits. You may need to loosen the rear-most bolt in the left rear chair mechanism to free the largest panel.

Hey presto, loose wires. Later models already have plugs on the wires. Busy Bee is an early model so a little bit of electrician work was required.

n.b. The two plugs are from the switches that control the pneumatic suspension.

The box of tricks in place.

Just connect the plugs and feed the new sub-loom through the rubber grommet directly below the new control box.

Replace the plastic panels (after testing the unit of course).

The wiring of the 13-pin socket is simplicity personified. All of the wires are properly terminated and the colours clear.

Extra tips:

My main tool was a torx T20 screwdriver.

To avoid marking the plastic, I covered a blunt chisel with an old dish cloth when prising the panels away from the bodywork.

Be VERY patient. The plastic panels are a swine to remove as some need to be removed in some rather odd directions and replaced in some even odder directions.

I soldered and used insulating tape on all of the wired connections - it's just more reliable than crimp connectors.

The main fuse panel (under the red cover on the battery) is very difficult to get at thanks to the scuttle panel - thankfully I have a very small socket set.

The module works straight out of the box, there's no need to visit a dealer to get the lights and indicators working.

However, the TSP and extra functions DO need to be activated.

The method of attaching the control box to the body work has changed and you can't access one of the screws (that French design flair again)

You won't use all of the bits as some are 5 seat/7 seat specific so don't panic.

All-in-all it was a very satisfying job to do. I only broke one plastic retaining clip, which I'm not interested in replacing.

Now all I have to do is visit a dealership before I tow a caravan. Pull a trailer is now problem. With power available from Busy Bee's diesel engine, you hardly notice you have a trailer attached.

Adaptors to connect the 13pin socket to a 7pin plug are around £8 and can be picked up just about anywhere. Adaptors to split the 13pin socket to twin electrics are around £25.

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N.B. This guide is available to download in .pdf format here: - Click Here -

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