Citroen C4 Engine and Performance Guide
All the engine details together
c4owner, 21 June 2011

There are so many variations available now for New and Previous Models it is simpler to make the technical Data available to download for each year/variant at Citroën C4 C4 Picasso and DS4 Specifications

Please note: they are provided for comparison and reference purposes only.

N.B. Official Government test / fuel consumption figures - actual achieved will depend on individual driving style and conditions. Insurance groups are estimated and vary by engine size/trim level

For all the latest Technical Information and current model specifications you should consult the Citroën UK web site

For details of what the C02 Emission figures mean in actual Licence Duty take a look at the current rates here at the DVLA web site

How accurate is the fuel gauge in a Citroën C4? Take a look the forum here

Take a look at the revised Hatch/Coupe Colour range here - Click Here -

How big is a C4 or DS4? - click the images to find out


[shadowbox=images/c4/buttons/DS4.jpg|Citroen DS4 Dimensions::||]images/c4/buttons/DS4s.jpg[/shadowbox]

Hatch/Berline and Coupe Please note these are correct (as far as we are aware) at December 2010.

New C4 December 2011 onward

[shadowbox=images/c4/buttons/C4_2011_dimension.png|Citroen C4 2011 Dimensions::||]images/c4/buttons/C4_2011_dimensions.png[/shadowbox]

C4 2004-2008

[shadowbox=images/c4/buttons/hatch1.jpg |C4 Hatchback Dimensions||][/shadowbox] [shadowbox=images/c4/buttons/coupe1.jpg |C4 Coupe Dimensions||][/shadowbox]

Facelift C4 Coupe and Hatch July 2008 - December 2010

[shadowbox=images/c4/buttons/hatch1n.jpg |C4 Hatchback Dimensions||][/shadowbox]

C4 Picasso and Grand Picasso
[shadowbox=images/c4/buttons/picasso.jpg |C4 5 Seat Picasso Dimensions||][/shadowbox]

C4 Sedan

[shadowbox=images/c4/buttons/sedan.png |C4 Sedan Dimensions||][/shadowbox]

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