Citroën C4 WRC
The Robot gets faster!
Dave_Retired., 22 January 2007

C4 wrcCitroën' are pinning the World Rally Championships on from January 2007 onward

What a sizzler it promises to be with 315bhp from an upgraded XU7JP4 engine. The 2 litre Coupe road going variant currently produces 178bhp!

However the cost of each car is estimated at £500,000+ and each is designed to last just 2 rally's or 700km

Not much of the road going model is actually used as the car is stripped of any unnecessary weight then a roll cage is added to improve stiffness and safety.

C4 wrc

High performance suspension is fitted with wider wheel arches and redesigned front and rear spoilers. Plus high tech differentials and gearboxes.

Whilst the maximum speed is going to be around 140mph the car is optimised for cornering ability as overall that's what wins rally's, not straight line speed.

Hopefully one day the technological advances made in the rally cars will find there way to road going production vehicles.

2007 WRC Information

The Citroen C4 WRC scored a decisive 1st and 2nd place on it's first official outing in the Monte Carlo Rally

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October 2010. Once again Citroen win the World Rally Championship with Loeb and the C4,

In 2011 they won again, but used a new DS3 instead. The 2012 season is still in progress.

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