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Replace wing mirror indicator cover new Grand C4 Picasso
Hi, So I fitted the new part. What the exploded diagram doesn't show very well are the 4 clips that hold the back on!
One was broken due to the impact, but the other were a pain to get out. You can acc...
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Posted by chapi on 07 August 2015

Boot light upgrade to LED
I bought some LED W5W bulbs from Ebay, same type of fitting.The downside was all they did was hum, so they were sent back. These look like a much better option so I'll invest in some.
If you have a...
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Posted by johnnybee on 19 August 2017

"Gearbox Faulty" message appears in 6th gear at 114kmh (70mph)
One idea... When you changed ECU... Did you use the option in lexia for replacing the ECU? It is somewhere alongside ECU programing...
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Posted by Daniel_Cro on 18 August 2017

Boot light upgrade to LED
Yeh, I've done the torch boot part but not the end of the torch (for torch use) as it's a different bulb.

I used 6 bulbs in total; 2 for rear number plate, 2 for front footwell and 2 for boot.

Remember ...
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Posted by danlat1415 on 19 August 2017

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