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New Smeg+ Map Update March 20th 2020 released
Surprised today when I went for a quick drive to get the "cobwebs out the engine" when I put the car in the garage up popped on the Sat Nav screen "There is a new map updated". Checked MyCitroen app a...
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Posted by varkanoid on 03 April 2020

Recharge air freshener
The fragrance has been absent from mine for quite a while now, and I've not been able to source a replacement from the dealer, mainly because I forget to ask when I'm in there, and when I have remembe...
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Posted by wunny on 18 March 2020

How to remove and install a clutch
Right i assume you have the drive shafts out and oil drained

1. Take all the bell housing bolts of from the bottom of the box you can take them all out with out removing any thing else

2. Next take out...
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Posted by C4paulC4 on 08 December 2013

No Cruise Control and clock keeps resetting
paul_skinbach wrote ...

Clocks went back so adjusted it by one hour. Next day noticed it had sprung back so reset again and next day same thing. Today same and also noticed cruise control when button ...
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Posted by routemaster1 on 02 April 2020

No Cruise Control and clock keeps resetting
The clocks went forward.

Press the top left handbutton on centre consul. Press time/ date, press UTC+1, confirm

No idea how this would affect cruise control though
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Posted by wunny on 02 April 2020

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