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Heater blower fan fuse?
On the DS4, the heater fuse is one of those hidden on the battery terminal.
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Posted by vexorg on 20 January 2022

Parking light on C4 Grand Picasso
They stay until electronics goes into sleep mode. If you unlock car, open door, it will light again
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Posted by Ap0qalypto on 20 January 2022

WRC replica tailgate spoiler for Citroën C4 [3 door Coupe only]
Hi Peeps, after a few people have asked where I got my WRC replica tailgate spoiler from, ee thread... - Click Here -
well thought I'd post all the details up.

Available from… Auto Sport Willy, Belg...
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Posted by JonM on 15 June 2009

Lost locking wheel nut - what next? [C4 Picasso 2014]
Mine went missing after an extended warranty repair. I searched everywhere in the car half a dozen times and could not find it. Went back to the dealer, who searched the car, and got me a replacement...
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Posted by wunny on 21 January 2022

Part names confusion
AFAIK they are not the same.

The Voltage Retention Unit is part of the Stop/Start system. I believe early Citroen systems used a massive capacitor (>8F) to hold power and then turn the alternator and it...
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Posted by BigJohnD on 24 January 2022

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