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Interesting article: Petrol v Diesel
Just found this. Interesting reading!

- Click Here -
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Posted by routemaster1 on 21 October 2017

EGS actuator fluid change and tank location
Just some info if folk want it.

The tank that holds the EGS actuator fluid is accessed by removing the left wheel and arch liner.
Once removed you can clearly see the tank in the picture below at the fr...
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Posted by Onefut on 25 October 2018

Touch door locking problem on keyless entry.
Something worth trying if you have a problem with the door locking/unlocking on the keyless entry. I have a 14 reg C4 Picasso exclusive plus and last year the touch lock on the drivers side stopped wo...
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Posted by chrispatch on 10 November 2018

GP 1.6HDi Clutch lexia
It has been a while im afraid since i did the clutch bit retest but i am reasonably confident it is there in diagbox but i could stand to be corrected, sorry i cant be more of more help at the moment ...
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Posted by gt160 on 12 November 2018

Upgrade reflector headlights to xenon headlights
I don't know what you'll achieve by fitting halogens to xenon shells.

Also, not sure what the law is in Ireland but here you would need the levelling electronics & the washers to be legal. All in,...
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Posted by rusky on 12 November 2018

RD45 bluetooth help needed
hi thanks for that, I have enabled on both radio and display twice but still doesn't put up a Bluetooth tab could it be my radio is to new for the display , my c4 is 2008 and radio is 2012 or should t...
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Posted by jpbroad1970 on 30 June 2016

1.6 HDi Tuning advise
Angel Tuning - Click Here - are arguably the best for a bespoke remap. You probably won't need a new exhaust.
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Posted by BigJohnD on 14 November 2018

1.6 HDi Tuning advise
MIJ exhausts Walsall their stainless exhausts are absolutely superb and they give a life time warranty on the system.
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Posted by Magistrate on 14 November 2018

GP 1.6HDi Clutch lexia
Which version of the software you are using? Normally after you choose Citroen, then the model a screen with two options will appear - Lexia / Diagbox. Lexia is the older version and it's really with ...
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Posted by ayhan4ik on 14 November 2018

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