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Tyre Pressure Sensors?
Managed to have a hand today from someone to finally get out and test these illusive tyre pressure sensors. Engine on, Neutral selected and within seconds of air starting to be removed from a tyre bee...
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Posted by on 01 September 2012

Bunch of error codes
You have found a solution for fault code C9A8, because I have the same error?
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Posted by laurg73 on 08 November 2016

2015 C4P Exclusive+ parking brake fault.
I've heard of this before. There is some suggestion that tyre fitters using a jack midway along the sill to lift both wheels at once can cause this sort of damage. Always ensure that the proper jackin...
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Posted by Jimux on 18 April 2019

Remove all emblems
Certainly the Citroen lettering on the rear tailgate is glued on only - had to have some of my lettering replaced under warranty a while back when they started to "slide" down the bodywork!!
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Posted by proinnsias on 18 April 2019

Cheap wiper blades on Ebay
If you want to degrease the screen I have found nothing that beats good old vinegar. Wet a clean rag with it, use a bit of elbow grease and clean the screen avoiding getting any on the paintwork, then...
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Posted by wrinkles on 10 November 2009

The display you have is the only one available, unlike the previous model which had a choice of 3 themes. With this one you can only select where different elements are placed....tachometer, maps, tem...
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Posted by gittos on 15 April 2019

C4 Hatch 2005 Electrical
I went and bought a new unit, Fitted it.. 5 Min job and cured the problems. No lexia needed
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Posted by SteveWalsh on 20 April 2019

Depollution warning.
The Depollution warning has a multitude of causes. It could be blocked fuel filter or worse. You need the error codes read for a more accurate diagnosis.
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Posted by BigJohnD on 20 April 2019

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