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All doors lock themselves when I close the driver's door
I had the same problem today with my GP.
This morning I changed the battery in one of the fobs, opened the drivers door with the key to get in to re-calibrate the fob then I locked the car afterwards w...
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Posted by Pinxtonpete on 02 July 2016

Fuel rail
There are some guides here - Click Here - you'll need to sign up as a premier member.
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Posted by rusky on 20 January 2020

Bryant wrote ...

2007 C4 1.4 petrol, which oil filter is recommended and any links to buy one


Non original parts have been known to cause problems...not worth saving a couple of quid.
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Posted by gittos on 21 January 2020

C4GP B78 Windscreen scuttle
mashbury wrote ...

Attached (I hope) is a picture of the whole scuttle and a picture showing the gap between the top and bottom panels and a bolt between them. It does look like, having removed that o...
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Posted by routemaster1 on 21 January 2020

New ConnectNav Firmware V21_08_25_12_r0
gittos wrote ...

It would appear that the dowload link I got last week was for a different version ...21-08-24-12 NAC r1..I presume this is an older one?

I have just received the link for 21-08-25-12 NA...
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Posted by stoic on 22 January 2020

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