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Eco Stop & Start
I've usually found OEM ones to last up to 6 or 7 years before they start to get "sluggish", though some soldier on a little beyond that

After that, it depends on what you're willing to pay ... inexpens...
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Posted by proinnsias on 07 December 2017

Rear Brakes

All sorted. Changed the pads and discs today. Was a bit nervous about the electric handbrake but turned out to be dead easy. All changed in about an hour with coffee break to warm up..

In the lat...
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Posted by duxster on 24 November 2017

Battery Charge Problemo
Hi All

I want to see the status of my battery as I am reasonably sure it's on its way out.

I have an Optimate which is for motorcycles but I have bought an attachment that lets it go into the cigar lig...
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Posted by Leevis on 09 October 2012

C4 HDi What a dipstick!
c4owner wrote ...

Does it need the sump off to remove the offending piece - will it cause any damage if left alone?

Phil, GTA Turbo??

The first couple we came across we took the sumps off to retrive the ...
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Posted by Phil on 08 August 2007

Potential bhp gains?
A remap is fine, they do very little in terms of strain. Honestly one of the best modifications money can buy on a diesel.

Better MPG, more power, more flexible, helps to extend the power band. There a...
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Posted by wozza on 31 March 2013

LED Rear light bulbs C4GP
I fitted a set of tail/stop lights to my MK4 Astra and they didn't seem to work properly so I had to revert to filament bulbs. I put them in my Triumph Dolomite and they worked perfectly. You will nee...
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Posted by TriumphGuy on 10 December 2017

Urgent help needed!
It could be that the bearings were damp & have frozen.
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Posted by rusky on 10 December 2017

Xenon Headlight Error. Now are too high but working
Have you looked at the rear sensor as sometimes the arm linkage becomes disconnected or stiff. Also try unplugging the connector and spraying it with some electrical contact cleaner.
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Posted by FakeConcern on 12 December 2017

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