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front suspension arm bush
Hi FYI the inserted picture is not of the mk2 arms 2013+. You can either replace the bushes and ball joints and use original arms or buy new arms, some of which have the ball joint and some don’t. Bes...
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Posted by py6rac on 18 September 2021

Changing tyre size on original C4 picasso
Just get yourself down to ATS Euromaster

Tigar tyres are owned by Michelin as are ATS I use them and find then just fine

See here
- Click Here -
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Posted by wunny on 29 August 2021

Fix panoramic sunroof blind
I did it!

Everything is working as it should, and I hope it will work for a long time, given that these parts aren't OEM.

Anyway, I'd like to add that there is a way to remove the cables completely, and...
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Posted by Andreja on 11 December 2020

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