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Handy storage Tip (C4GP) B78
As I travel across the Irish border a few times a week I use a used Chinese container that fits perfectly into the center compartment to keep my Euro and UK coins in.

I hope someone will find this use...
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Posted by iscom on 27 June 2019

Not starting after replacing injector seals
Thanks. It's running fine now

Today I connected the diagnostic tool and confirmed that fuel pressure was OK, so it must have been primed already. After some more cranking it started to fire intermitt...
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Posted by TomLong on 12 September 2020

Electromagnetic Car Parking Sensors
I looked at fitting them to mine, there's a load of places claiming they are really good but in the end I thought "if Merc, Jag etc are prepared to put visible sensors in the bumpers instead of using ...
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Posted by rusky on 16 September 2020

It's broke again - Emissions control.
wunny wrote ...

Having had the £450 door mirror replaced under extended warranty a couple of week ago, a new fault has developed.

60mph, the warning sounds and up flashes the Engine Fault notification, ...
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Posted by routemaster1 on 17 September 2020

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