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C4 Picasso mpg
My average over 6500 miles is 56.8 but before my drive to Spain I put a can of a Diesel additive "CataClean Diesel" whilst in Spain, The Car did 64.7 mpg (there & back) even now 3500 miles later, ...
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Posted by iscom on 25 July 2019

Is it possible to change DUAL ZONE AIRCON to SINGLE ZONE ? 2007 C4HDi
Sorry, that's only on the Picasso. Can you share a picture of what knobs you're turning at the moment.
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Posted by rusky on 26 July 2019

Word of warning - OEM C4GP Roof Bars
When I got my GP I ordered a set of OEM roof bars as they usually fit better than the aftermarket ones. All went well (easy to get on and off, good load capacity, seem secure) until I needed to use my...
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Posted by on 20 January 2010

New Ad Blue tank !
First time I've heard about the tank itself, but there have been recalls for the AdBlue wiring harness and tank cap on some versions.

Sounds like you have a helpful dealer at least.
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Posted by Richard_C on 29 July 2019

C4GP 1.6HDi 61 plate Engine Oil
Oil is something I would never compromise. For the few extra pounds, it may cost, I think it's worth the extra even just for peace of mind. If you use another brand of oil and a few months later you ...
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Posted by iscom on 30 July 2019

Stereo and reversing camera
Retro-fitting more up-market features is not as easy as it appears.

Assuming the wiring is present, the car's firmware may have the feature not listed. And it's nigh on impossible to amend.

Throughout t...
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Posted by BigJohnD on 30 July 2019

C4 speed control, ABS, ESP, brake faulty
Check the wiring behind the battery
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Posted by rusky on 14 July 2019

New 2019 ConnectNav Firmware!

Supposedly it contains changes updates to the AndroidAuto headend, ready for the update to AndroidAuto from Google sometime in the summer.

Download from one of these links :
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Posted by stoic on 20 May 2019

New C4 Owner
Rubbish! 135K miles on mine drives and looks new, Look after a car any car and it will last. Treat any car badly and they will fail, Nothing to do with being french. Never failed an MOT. Serviced ever...
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Posted by moleman on 02 August 2019

New C4 Owner
I think the mechanics / Garages who dislike French cars don't have the equipment or tools to fix or repair french cars. But to be fair why should they invest in equipment for the odd one or two frenc...
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Posted by iscom on 02 August 2019

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