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Clarification of MOT failure.
Parks in East Kilbride are one of the worst, most useless garages around, the company use them as it's the closest Nissan.

They are one of the multi franchise dealerships, I went in looking for the pop...
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Posted by vexorg on 22 December 2021

Rubber Trim / Seal on tailgate
The seal around the whole boot opening is;

The seal around the top of the boot lid only is;

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Posted by danlat1415 on 29 December 2021

How to replace battery - C4 Picasso 2014?
Can't help with specifics but thought much the same with my 4 year old DS4. Took a bravery pill and a new AGM 096 battery and did the following.
Turned everything off, auto lights etc inc. Wound down d...
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Posted by DeuxChevaux on 02 July 2019

2014 C4 Picasso ETG6 Clutch Slip
It could be the dual mass flywheel. If it is it is a gearbox out job.
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Posted by routemaster1 on 29 December 2021

Question about fitting a new battery
I fitted a new battery to my 2016 C4GP as it started sounded weak on cold mornings and stop start was no longer working. Got a Bosch S5 A08 for £108 delivered from Amazon. I did not have diagnostics t...
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Posted by py6rac on 02 January 2022

Citroen C4 l 1.6 Front left wheel speed sensor fault.
Check the magnetic ring on that side, it may have rust on it. It has ti be cleaned, even a small rust will give false data and reading. Ring is where the ABS sensor is.
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Posted by Ap0qalypto on 03 January 2022

Engine stalls at full throttle. 1.6 HDi EGS 2007
Fuel filter was changed after last failure. The problem occured again the weekend after.

Fault codes
P0087 Fuel pressure to low
p0093 Pressure valve doesn't open enough (or something similar)
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Posted by cromaturbo on 18 June 2013

Running well? Spoke too soon - depollution fault.
Go to: - Click Here - and search the error code fact sheets and download them

Poor quality fuel/Air leak on/or a clogged fuel filter come up with the first 3 of those codes, have you got water in the...
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Posted by Dave_Retired. on 02 December 2011

Semi automatic not working
Since it is going into safe mode, there is something going on, ECU definitely doesn't receive some information. Even a brake pedal switch can cause errors and issues like that. Also, if clutch release...
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Posted by Ap0qalypto on 06 January 2022

2011 Mk2 C4 VTR+ 90HDi and DPF alerts..
My first thought is Perry's failed to reset the Eolys sensor.

Your car should have been returned with all errors cleared/reset and a long drive at motorway speeds should clear the DPF.
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Posted by BigJohnD on 09 January 2022

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