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GP 1.6HDi Clutch lexia
Which version of the software you are using? Normally after you choose Citroen, then the model a screen with two options will appear - Lexia / Diagbox. Lexia is the older version and it's really with ...
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Posted by ayhan4ik on 14 November 2018

Top screen issue
Yet another issue. I went out today, calling in briefly in a local small town. When I got back to the car and started it, the top screen was completely blank. I stopped and restarted the car but still...
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Posted by routemaster1 on 17 November 2018

Upgrade reflector headlights to xenon headlights
If you put halogen bulbs in Xenon shells, the light will go everywhere as they are not the correct shape. It'll be an MoT fail and you are likely to dazzle on coming drivers. It's pointless.
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Posted by BigJohnD on 14 November 2018

Roll Bar Faulty/ ABS and ESP - ??
You need to get the codes read but if you've had the discs replaced then the ABS sensors sound like likely suspects
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Posted by rusky on 18 November 2018

Fuel prices
Crude oil prices are falling, but oil is priced in dollars so a weak pound means we don't always see a direct link - there is a currency effect.

There is always a lag between crude price and pump pric...
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Posted by Richard_C on 18 November 2018

Heated Side mirrors in Exclusive Plus
I thought all cars these days came with heated mirrors!

As for heated windscreen, I'm not sure about them. It's nice to quickly defrost but once you see the tiny wires you can't unsee them & your e...
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Posted by rusky on 22 November 2018

Aux belt chirping noise.
How old is the car? Has the water pump/timing belt been changed? If not good chance it is the water pump.
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Posted by moleman on 23 November 2018

Citroen Peugeot recommend oils and the alternatives
Whilst PSA recommend Total Oil, there are others available from, Shell, BP Castrol, Esso, Mobil, Yacco, Motul, Statoil, Fuchs and Kuwait so you should be able to find one in your country.

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Posted by Dave_Retired. on 26 March 2014

Change rear high brake LED light
My guess is that the LEDs are soldered in so replacing the whole bar is the only way to go unless you're handy with a soldering iron.
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Posted by rusky on 24 November 2018

Buying my first used Grand Picasso - advice appreciated!
One thing you need to be aware of is that they are not automatics, they are 'piloted manuals' They have a plate clutch and a DMF flywheel, and driving one is somewhat different to a traditional auto. ...
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Posted by routemaster1 on 25 November 2018

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