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Airbag warning light fault - 2014 Grand C4 Picasso
I've managed to resolve this fault via a warranty repair at the dealer but it's here for anyone else who might get the same issue crop up. We had intermittent appearances of a warning message saying ...
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Posted by kyojitsu on 17 April 2015

Map showed an unexpected speed limit
I had exactly the same with my 2014 C4GP occasionally. The speed limit would show as some really odd figure and not the usual one read from the navigation database. Usually I noticed it on a 60 mph ...
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Posted by bluehdi on 24 June 2019

Judder in new clutch
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Posted by BigJohnD on 28 June 2019

Handy storage Tip (C4GP) B78
As I travel across the Irish border a few times a week I use a used Chinese container that fits perfectly into the center compartment to keep my Euro and UK coins in.

I hope someone will find this use...
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Posted by iscom on 27 June 2019

Battery housing, 2009 C4 Grand Picasso 1600 HDi
The fuse box has a clip on the right, you need a screwdriver or similar to push it down then it slides forward.
Once that's out of the way, the battery shroud pulls forward.
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Posted by rusky on 27 June 2019

DashCam - hard wire fuse?
I used the internal fuse box and used a fuse that becomes live when ignition is on, something like heated rear window should be ok.
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Posted by Ham on 02 February 2018

Halfords Fitting DashCam
Sorry for the delay in posting photos, I tried earlier but failed.

Red line shows approx route of USB cable, my cable has an extra USB outlet so there is still access there.

Job took about 30 mins

If you...
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Posted by gittos on 09 August 2018

Halfords Fitting DashCam
I ran mine tucked into the space just above the sliding sun blinds then gently eased the plastic A Pillar trim and tucked the cable behind then ran it down behind the rubber door seal, unfasten the th...
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Posted by gittos on 09 August 2018

VIN number to work out Engine type..
That’s because all those on the link are the old 16v engine, yours is the newer 8v.

If you have the first C4 Picasso then it’s the 110bhp 1.6 8v engine, a lower powered version was never brought to the...
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Posted by FrankBullitt on 05 July 2019

Grand picasso exclusive tailgate.
Managed to do this and have put a full explanation on Instructables for anyone interested.
- Click Here -
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Posted by althesandie on 04 July 2019

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