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Advice on purchase - which Lexia / Diagbox - 2014 C4 Pic 1.6 HDI Exclusive +
yeah, seems to be a lack of cheaper systems, one at £41 though. Was described as full chip lexia 3, with diagbox v7.83

Came with cables and adapter, and all software.

Probably illegal, hence why they di...
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Posted by vexorg on 05 May 2023

How to install courtesy 'puddle' lights on a C4 coupe (loeb trim):
Couple of extra photos, taken when it's starting to go dark.
Apologies for the messy carpet.

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Posted by Bin-The-L-Plates on 25 June 2012

C4 B7 1.6 HDI 2016 Exhaust gas pressure differential.
There is on mine two tubes where it measure the pressure, you must have this too, i dont know it that year uses the eolyse fluid, which sticks to the dpf and i am under the impression it cant be clean...
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Posted by Farmerguy on 09 May 2023

Differences between auto gearbox and EGS gearbox?

I have had my C4GP for about 15 months now the learning system in the EGS gearbox can be quite good and usefull but it can also be a pain in the rear end if you suddenly switch from high speed dri...
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Posted by on 03 February 2010

electric handbrake motor
Just for the record I got a motor from eBay and problem solved
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Posted by Paulbru on 21 June 2019

C4 Coolant Drain and Flush
Obviously you already found success, for those who also searching for that screw. It's on the heater matrix hose against the firewall.

I spent some time looking for it, with the battery in its very dif...
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Posted by Zedd on 13 November 2012

Air Conditioning Compressor
All fixed and it only cost me £37 and about an hours labour. Following my last post I seriously looked at purchasing a factory refurbished unit fitting it and then getting the system professionally re...
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Posted by Dobbin on 29 September 2013

2016 C4 Picasso 1.6 BlueHDi Exclusive+ EAT6 HD Screen Dial arrangement + few other observations
Update: I have good news on the instrument Pannel. The issue is now fixed. I'd like to thank Magpieautos.com who fixed the issue at a very reasonable price. It was a home visit, an extremely professio...
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Posted by AtomAnt on 15 April 2021

Grand Picasso MK2 2.0 Suspension Lower bolts Torque Setting
The 2 bolts at the bottom of each front strut are 100Nm

I've taken a screenshot of the technical drawings, showing all the torque settings for the full suspension parts;

Here is al...
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Posted by danlat1415 on 28 July 2022

Steering wheel replacement buttons
Parts numbers are listed here for the steering wheel and buttons;

- Click Here -
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Posted by danlat1415 on 30 May 2022

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