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Engine cut out
Indeed they do. Please accept that most here have a life other than being on call in front of a computer screen and many will have left for work at the time of your first posting. The expectation of a...
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Posted by Magistrate on 04 August 2017

Windscreen washers
Problem - even using the full range of adjustment, water just sprays onto the wipers and it takes litres of water to clean the screen properly.

Solution - unclip the washer jets from their housing and ...
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Posted by EssexBoy on 06 August 2017

Auto dip lights
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Posted by danlat1415 on 10 August 2017

Having trouble connecting my after market cd player (Alpine) to my C4 - No power
You need an adaptor which maintains the links with the CANBus. Looks like you need the Connects2 CTHUE-CT1.
- Click Here -

Speak to Connects2 to confirm the adaptor and the brand specific patch lea...
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Posted by BigJohnD on 20 July 2017

VTS 180 5/30w or 5/40w
As Riven says, Total Lub advisor here - Click Here -
However Citroen dealers have recommended 5W30 for a few years now and that's what I use. Now on 186000 miles in my VTS 180!

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Posted by FakeConcern on 21 July 2017

Changing light bulbs in B78 C4GP (2015-2016 model)
Tail Gate Lights are Plug and Play so undo the screws in my post about 3D LED Lights. Photos at the end of Post.
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Posted by jimmymacc on 07 June 2016

Headlight beam deflectors for France
First the headlight question. You can mask the 'kick up' zone which sends the dipped beam a little further down the kerb side, park facing a garage door or similar with your lights on and you will se...
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Posted by Richard_C on 23 July 2017

C4 Picasso 2014 shock absorber

I am looking for my 2014 C4 Picasso shock absorber. I have tried to find in many of the online car parts website, seems like they do not carry this item.

Is there any place that sell this item?

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Posted by pinocchio on 23 July 2017

C4 Hatchback Air Conditioning system parts
Hi Pete,

I Just bought a new aftermarket condenser of ebay for £33.00. This was for a 1.6 hdi. The petrol condenser is slightly different with the ports facing sideways, but an aftermarket condenser wo...
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Posted by HansZarkov on 18 July 2017

Braking Issue
If the new master cylinder has been correctly replaced, I would suspect the ABS block.

Take it to a mechanic who has Lexia/Diagbox and ask him to bleed the brakes using the Lexia routine (this takes tw...
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Posted by gmerry on 25 July 2017

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