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Halfords Fitting DashCam
Sorry for the delay in posting photos, I tried earlier but failed.

Red line shows approx route of USB cable, my cable has an extra USB outlet so there is still access there.

Job took about 30 mins

If you...
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Posted by gittos on 09 August 2018

The plastic strip is a known weak point. Take the door card off the boot lid, indo the 5 bolts & clean the brackets that retain the nuts thoroughly then put a fillet of epoxy on each one.
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Posted by rusky on 13 August 2019

New ConnectNav Maps V15 Released
Pat428 wrote ...

it doesn't recognise the pen at all i think structure isn't right or not compatible with c4 picasso 2013

Correct. As the title says these are maps for ConnectNav systems which are about...
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Posted by stoic on 25 August 2019

E-hdi says it all.

Looks like you have a Euro 5 spec version, Euro 6 Blue Hdi came later to the 1.6 - mostly during 2016 and compulsory for registrations after Sept 2016 - but the handbook covers it be...
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Posted by Richard_C on 26 August 2019

C4 Pic 2014 Exclusive - Air Con Fan Issue
When the ac compressor starts on a very hot humid day, you get loads of condensation on the heat exchange matrix which I guess could cause problems for next time. I wonder if its clever enough to let...
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Posted by Richard_C on 26 August 2019

If you needed Adblue there would be a filler cap under the blanking plate. At that age, I'm sure the 1.6 doesn't use Adblue; if it did it would have a 'blue' badge on the boot. I thought it was first ...
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Posted by routemaster1 on 26 August 2019

My Citroen app weirdness
Mine is the same and has been for months. You have to force stop* the app, and then remember to manually open it again before you start the car or it won't connect.

Its a troublesome and poorly execut...
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Posted by Richard_C on 11 August 2019

Help Help please. Milk spillage - Removal of rear seats (6 and 7) in Grand Picasso
Have a look at this - Click Here -
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Posted by wunny on 27 August 2019

Something for the Citro├źnistas. Warning! Picture heavy
Some photos of type H vans I found near Strasbourg in Eastern France last week. If anyone is interested I may be able to figure out the exact location.

Also, there was this Citroen truck.

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Posted by routemaster1 on 26 August 2017

Fixing fine scratches near door handles caused by ring wearers
Any rubbing compound should removed scratches when you remove the scratches you can use a transparent patch to protect them. . . As for the seats, this was and is a common problem they were subject t...
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Posted by iscom on 28 August 2019

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