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Classic Motor Show 2018
Classic Motor Show 2018

National Exhibition Centre
B40 1NT, West Midlands

Opening times of the Show:

Friday 9 November 2018: 10.00am – 6.30pm
Saturday 10 November 2018: 9.00am – 6.30pm
Sunday 11 N...
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Posted by BigJohnD on 24 September 2018

Help needed
My workaround for favourites is to create a duplicate contact for the few people I call regularly and rename like this:

Random Example becomes AA Random Example (or Random AA Example if you prefer to s...
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Posted by Richard_C on 03 October 2018

C4 Grand Picasso's parcel shelf
I couldn't find any info on where to store your parcel shelf neatly if you have 7 seats up. So I made a video.
Help it will help.
- Click Here -
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Posted by MingGP on 30 August 2018

Door Trim Removal
I need to remove the front passenger door card, to replace the mirror that someone apparently took a strong dislike to. I've taken the two screws out the side, one under the speaker, and three from th...
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Posted by on 02 August 2010

C4 Picasso Electronic parking brake - MOT failure
Hi all,

Hoping this is of interest to people. Not so much of a problem if you're having MOTs done at Citoen dealers, but certainly if at independent garages.

Bought a '57 C4 Picasso 2nd hand in August, ...
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Posted by on 21 December 2010

C4 Picasso Electronic parking brake - MOT failure
Did you also try with the handbrake in the full lock position as it tells in manual for parking on hills or with trailer on back As tried mine at friends garage up in the Borders just after i got ca...
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Posted by HoneyMonster on 22 December 2010

Creaking / Squeaky rear suspension. Damper Mountings?
I had this issue a few months ago on my 2016 C4GP. Some really loud rattling/groaning/creaking developed coming from the rear right wheel of the car.

Took it to dealer, where the chap recognised the p...
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Posted by erikthevogon on 25 March 2018

Fuel gauge problem late 2014 new model Grand Picasso
Hi Guys just a quick update it appears to have sorted itself out i parked on a pretty steep hil and when i came out the gauge had returned to where it should have been (full) i went and filled up agai...
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Posted by radicaldoc on 24 September 2018

C4 Picasso 2.0 EGS 57 Plate - Gears jumping out of auto to manual
Hi novacustard. I've come here because I've been putting up with exactly the same issue for a couple of years now.

Oddly it only seems to occur in hot weather so during the winter there's no problem an...
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Posted by padavis on 22 July 2015

ASR Handbrake Warning Lights C4 Grand Picasso
mojo wrote ...

shapie1 wrote ...

Hi Dave

Thanks for the reply. I found the brake switch which is not high up as you say but in the middle of the foot well. There is a black plastic cover over the switch ...
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Posted by mojo on 31 March 2012

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