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ESP/ASR system, ABS braking system, parking brake, tyre under inflation faults
Forgive me if this post is in too much detail as some will know how to do what I’m explaining already and some may need more info.
So I had the exact same faults as this one on my 2015 gc4p,

ESP/ASR s...
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Posted by Citroguy on 30 July 2020

Limp mode gear change tip
Recently had an occasional issue with car going into limp mode (manual gears only 1 to 3)
No error messages.

Turns out it was brake pedal switch (car would also sometimes start without pressing brake pe...
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Posted by tomandjo2 on 18 July 2022

Eco won't stay on
HI all,

I have had issues with the start stop (SS) system and thought I would share the faults and how finally it will be repaired.

The SS has a Ultracapacitor and SS ECU module under the fender next to...
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Posted by EdMonty on 14 August 2022

Updating Citroen C4 Grand Picasso Pre 2013 Map Database

TL;DR = To Long ; Didn't Read

TL;DR "Maps Updates Tutorial"

This is how to update your Citroen C4 Map Database Q4 2021

Old Map files are Q4 2020

First Download Required Files

-- Old Map Files --

Old Map...
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Posted by Null07 on 02 September 2022

Adblue level sensor fail 2015 C4 Grand Picasso
Well .... this is one of those "I don't believe it" moments. After posting my first topic, I did even more googling (It's been over 2 weeks on this now) and found a suggestion that the tank might be ...
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Posted by Robbie2015 on 19 November 2022

How to find the code for engine fault light that has come on?
On a RHD car, I believe it is in the glovebox.
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Posted by routemaster1 on 14 December 2022

Leak of EGS Actuator Fluid
Final update for anyone that stumbles on this thread in the future, after ordering another replacement pipe this time we used a hairdryer to heat up the new part on a cold morning which seems to have ...
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Posted by Nemesis84 on 02 November 2018

Oil filter
Found it, thanks.. the oil filter ( cartridge type) is located under the darkish plastic cover with a large bolt ( also plastic and part of the cover) on it.... it's about midway down the front of the...
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Posted by geopug on 09 October 2010

Rough idle, but only when warm C4 1.4 16v
Hello neighbor, I would check if there is maybe open circuit on wires to crankshaft sensor. It would be best to use Delphi/Lexia diagnostics and watch live data when the engine is hot.
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Posted by Ap0qalypto on 30 May 2022

Help! Get the SMEG out and CarPlay in! I hope.
If its a 65 plate will it be worth the spend? Maybe if you plan to keep it I suppose, but I would be reluctant to buy a pre owned car with non standard bits in it.

Yes the nav, and particularly the t...
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Posted by Richard_C on 31 May 2022

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