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Need a replacment plastic Wing mirror part.
You should try Micks Garage >> - Click Here -

Ive bought wing mirror parts from there before with no issue.
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Posted by pusb87 on 31 July 2023

Battery charge now Braking system faulty
Citroen seem to be quite bad for random faults on a low battery, especially when starting.
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Posted by vexorg on 06 December 2023

Steering wheel shaking at 60mph plus
If you didn't have any problems before the brakes were done and do after, then I would suspect there is a problem with the brakes fitted. I suggest returning it to whoever did the brakes.
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Posted by routemaster1 on 24 July 2023

C4 Driver's seat stuck
Holy Thread resurrection

Just had this issue with my 56 plate C4GP. drivers seat as far forward as it would go (Mrs likes to drive with her nose on the screen!) them jammed on the inner seat runner. no...
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Posted by richardthestag on 08 March 2014

Key not recognised
And it was the starter button, I must have put some strain on it and a plastic clip had cracked which meant it didn't quite mate up when pushed. Super glue to the rescue!
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Posted by spotta on 26 July 2023

Heater blower inop
One of the easiest heater blower removal jobs ever!
Mounted directly behind the steering wheel. One lower panel to remove.
Two cable blocks to pull out, 4 5.5mm screws to remove...its in your hand!
12v t...
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Posted by bimmer49 on 01 August 2023

TPMS sensor repair
Hi, I suspect you already realize it (may be covered by your "little labour"), but a 2032 battery will be 1.3mm shorter in height than the original 2045 battery which will likely make it a very loose ...
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Posted by 138cvjohn on 01 August 2023

TPMS sensor repair
John there is no "holder" as such. The battery is solder tagged each side and then filled with gunk to fix it in place.
Its all academic because the heat required to solder the tag to the battery was t...
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Posted by bimmer49 on 02 August 2023

Should I be concerned?..........
We picked-up the new-to-us 2014 C4 Picasso EGS6 Exclusive+ on Saturday. Before we left the garage (it's not a dealership), we already noted, in the presence of the salesman, that we couldn't get the ...
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Posted by StuBeeDoo on 07 August 2023

2014 C4 Picasso Leg Rest & build spec
Sadly no on build spec. Citroen messed about so often, sometimes mid year, that people sometimes ordered cars and found features missing/added when it got deleivered. The only certain way is to look...
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Posted by Richard_C on 11 August 2023

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