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Something for the Citroënistas. Warning! Picture heavy
Some photos of type H vans I found near Strasbourg in Eastern France last week. If anyone is interested I may be able to figure out the exact location.

Also, there was this Citroen truck.

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Posted by routemaster1 on 26 August 2017

My Citroen app weirdness
Mine is the same and has been for months. You have to force stop* the app, and then remember to manually open it again before you start the car or it won't connect.

Its a troublesome and poorly execut...
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Posted by Richard_C on 11 August 2019

Halfords Fitting DashCam
Sorry for the delay in posting photos, I tried earlier but failed.

Red line shows approx route of USB cable, my cable has an extra USB outlet so there is still access there.

Job took about 30 mins

If you...
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Posted by gittos on 09 August 2018

New Smeg+ Map Update March 20th 2020 released
Surprised today when I went for a quick drive to get the "cobwebs out the engine" when I put the car in the garage up popped on the Sat Nav screen "There is a new map updated". Checked MyCitroen app a...
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Posted by varkanoid on 03 April 2020

Service Box website- Not free to check parts anymore
Yes - irritatingly you have to pay for access to parts now. Its been very useful for years being able to access the codes and diagrams.

You can still look up characteristics, with a little workaround,...
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Posted by bluehdi on 29 June 2020

2015 C4 Grand Picasso Screen
Utter rubbish once again from a Citroen dealer. This was and is one of my biggest dislikes about after sales - useless information. You’ll get more accurate info from C4owners!

If a Citroen dealer is n...
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Posted by bluehdi on 24 July 2019

Anyone seen this - Expansion Bottle Return Pipe - Pin Hole!
BigJohnD wrote ...

Is your car still under its original 3 year warranty or have a warranty when bought used? Make a claim.

Not in warranty, a few months out!

Anyway, got the part number (P96 766 507 80)...
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Posted by Eeeps on 05 August 2019

Map update Touch Screen fitted cars - No manual
I have just had my maps up dated, not the full Europe coverage but UK and Ireland only (half the price) . It has taken many e-mails and telephone calls as the manual they provide covered the eMyWay sy...
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Posted by jdm on 13 December 2014

Seatbelts tugging while driving intermittently on 2014 Grand C4 Picasso
Just a quick note of thanks to all who responded. After a week of switching of the lane assist no reoccurrence of the tugging when driving on my local counrty roads. Thankfully I did not go ahead and ...
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Posted by kevester on 23 September 2019

FIXED! Citroen C4GP: ABS, ESP, Gearbox, Parking brake fault
So after months of head scratching, removing various parts, trying a replacement ABS sensor, a replacement ABS ESP unit and lots of other stuff it came down to a faulty connector.

The faulty conn...
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Posted by DB42 on 18 October 2019

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