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Something for the Citro├źnistas. Warning! Picture heavy
Some photos of type H vans I found near Strasbourg in Eastern France last week. If anyone is interested I may be able to figure out the exact location.

Also, there was this Citroen truck.

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Posted by routemaster1 on 26 August 2017

The Faulty Keyfob Issue - A most simple fix?
So I've had a broken keyfob, the spare worked fine and I could place the broken one in the car dash holder and the car would start. But keyless entry/starting would not work and by all accounts this ...
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Posted by BusterDan on 20 March 2018

Air Con advice - Worked for me so may help someone else too.
Hello all,

Just want to share my experience with my lovely C4 GP Excl. + model.

As we have seen the sun blasting the heat in the last 2-3 weeks and many have had air con issues and hissing noise etc, es...
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Posted by jsg1163 on 11 July 2018

Updating TomTom Connect Nav maps in UK (How to)

** Update: 15 Jan 2018 **
The UK site now has both the map and firmware updates available for download. The instructions to install are still not loading but map installation is explained below....
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Posted by waynieoaks on 28 September 2017

Petrol in a Diesel C4 Grand Picasso model 2010 2.0HDi 138 AUT
Don't like to admit it but I've done it twice, old age creeping in. First time I did what you did & put about 20ltrs in & then filled the tank with diesel when i realised, drove car about 30 m...
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Posted by trev h on 11 November 2017

Rear Brakes

All sorted. Changed the pads and discs today. Was a bit nervous about the electric handbrake but turned out to be dead easy. All changed in about an hour with coffee break to warm up..

In the lat...
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Posted by duxster on 24 November 2017

Eco Stop & Start
I've usually found OEM ones to last up to 6 or 7 years before they start to get "sluggish", though some soldier on a little beyond that

After that, it depends on what you're willing to pay ... inexpens...
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Posted by proinnsias on 07 December 2017

What's everyone up to 2018
Many of you may be able to guess from my forum name that I have an interest in vintage buses. In October last year I saw a notice in a vintage bus, requesting applications to drive it. I thought, why ...
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Posted by routemaster1 on 15 February 2018

Safety recall : electrical cooling management system software update
More info here;

- Click Here -
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Posted by FrankBullitt on 10 March 2018

Hill Start System Fault
This kind of event doesn't fill me with confidence about the ability of car manufacturers to produce driverless cars!
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Posted by routemaster1 on 29 March 2018

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