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Windscreen washer jets
Well after a bit of research I found some Xantia jets are the same fitting/water pipe position and have the adjustable ball of old. Water now hitting above the blades and less wasteful on water (less ...
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Posted by Stevejd58 on 30 November 2017

EGS actuator fluid change and tank location
Just some info if folk want it.

The tank that holds the EGS actuator fluid is accessed by removing the left wheel and arch liner.
Once removed you can clearly see the tank in the picture below at the fr...
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Posted by Onefut on 25 October 2018

The Faulty Keyfob Issue - A most simple fix?
So I've had a broken keyfob, the spare worked fine and I could place the broken one in the car dash holder and the car would start. But keyless entry/starting would not work and by all accounts this ...
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Posted by BusterDan on 20 March 2018

Leak of EGS Actuator Fluid

Just thought i'd thank everyone on this thread as its helped me enormously to fix a problem with my faulty gearbox on a C4 VTR+ Grand picasso EGS.

We initially noticed some oil patches but couldn't f...
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Posted by sdavies007 on 15 May 2015

Leak of EGS Actuator Fluid
No problem, I have done as much as I, myself can physically do to mine now. I have driven over 25 miles in her today since putting her back together. I still have a hesitant 2nd gear and my local Ci...
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Posted by bens3lte on 25 March 2014

Tutorial: 1.6HDi - How to remove and replace auxiliary drivebelt Peugeot Citroen
I am glad to present you another tutorial: How to remove and replace auxiliary drivebelt Peugeot Citroen 1.6HDi

Have a nice day
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Posted by adioperator on 22 October 2014

Air Con advice - Worked for me so may help someone else too.
Hello all,

Just want to share my experience with my lovely C4 GP Excl. + model.

As we have seen the sun blasting the heat in the last 2-3 weeks and many have had air con issues and hissing noise etc, es...
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Posted by jsg1163 on 11 July 2018

What's everyone up to 2018
Many of you may be able to guess from my forum name that I have an interest in vintage buses. In October last year I saw a notice in a vintage bus, requesting applications to drive it. I thought, why ...
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Posted by routemaster1 on 15 February 2018

Found the Eolys container and worked out how to turn off 'Low FAP' warning
After replacing my Eolys pouch and then a couple of days of frustration from not being able to turn off my 'Low FAP' warning, I think I have finally turned it off!

This is how I did it for my 2007 56 p...
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Posted by rjbean on 22 May 2017

[moved] Washer jets or pump or electrical
Thank you Daza for resolving my problem. I do not have the manual for my car, initialy my fuse box looked the same as the one that pic's were posted in one of the forums. Therefore I had changed the w...
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Posted by on 09 March 2011

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