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Updating system firmware (smeg+) to last one.
Sorry for the english.

You can download last firmware - click here


It takes about ~20 minutes, you can drive the car, but radio and other functions dont work.
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Posted by kkulishev on 24 March 2017

Something for the Citro├źnistas. Warning! Picture heavy
Some photos of type H vans I found near Strasbourg in Eastern France last week. If anyone is interested I may be able to figure out the exact location.

Also, there was this Citroen truck.

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Posted by routemaster1 on 26 August 2017

Windscreen washers
Problem - even using the full range of adjustment, water just sprays onto the wipers and it takes litres of water to clean the screen properly.

Solution - unclip the washer jets from their housing and ...
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Posted by EssexBoy on 06 August 2017

The Faulty Keyfob Issue - A most simple fix?
So I've had a broken keyfob, the spare worked fine and I could place the broken one in the car dash holder and the car would start. But keyless entry/starting would not work and by all accounts this ...
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Posted by BusterDan on 20 March 2018

Grand C4 Picasso Exclusive plus 2015 - date on the display screen
I believe it's not possible to display the date on the screen.
From other posts I've read they state you can bring up a calendar, but that's not very useful in the real world.

I'm not sure what wis...
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Posted by matjam on 06 July 2017

Changing light bulbs in B78 C4GP (2015-2016 model)
Tail Gate Lights are Plug and Play so undo the screws in my post about 3D LED Lights. Photos at the end of Post.
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Posted by jimmymacc on 07 June 2016

C4 HDi EGR valve!!! How to clean/replace
Replaced my EGR valve the past weekend, 07 plate 1.6 HDI SX model. Great info from the download helped me out here.

If you are a fairly competent home mechanic its fairly simple.

You need lots of patien...
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Posted by BriggC4PicassoDriver on 29 April 2014

Engine cut out
Indeed they do. Please accept that most here have a life other than being on call in front of a computer screen and many will have left for work at the time of your first posting. The expectation of a...
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Posted by Magistrate on 04 August 2017

Headlights adjusting from under the bonnet
Yes, its easy.

Look down at the light fitting you will see an adjuster (sort of white plastic) which you can adjust with a cross head screwdriver - I think a #2 philips or posidrive would fit OK, easie...
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Posted by Richard_C on 03 August 2017

Auto dip lights
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Posted by danlat1415 on 10 August 2017

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