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Halfords Fitting DashCam
Sorry for the delay in posting photos, I tried earlier but failed.

Red line shows approx route of USB cable, my cable has an extra USB outlet so there is still access there.

Job took about 30 mins

If you...
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Posted by gittos on 09 August 2018

Clutch pedal and dead colour screen pixels issues resolved almost free under TSBs
Hopefully, this will help others too

I had the best trip to a dealer today, after learning about TSBs I had a web chat with the London Brentford one who confirmed a tensioner belt and clutch master/sla...
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Posted by bradmca on 10 May 2019

Windscreen washer jets
Well after a bit of research I found some Xantia jets are the same fitting/water pipe position and have the adjustable ball of old. Water now hitting above the blades and less wasteful on water (less ...
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Posted by Stevejd58 on 30 November 2017

SOLVED- Coolant level goes low but NO sign of any leak- SEE MY LAST COMMENT

After visiting 5 different garages and 2 mobile mechanics, all failed to diagnose the issue

The culprit of this issue was the coolant container cap, Yes, it was that cap which wa...
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Posted by jsg1163 on 24 April 2019

Something for the Citro├źnistas. Warning! Picture heavy
Some photos of type H vans I found near Strasbourg in Eastern France last week. If anyone is interested I may be able to figure out the exact location.

Also, there was this Citroen truck.

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Posted by routemaster1 on 26 August 2017

New 2019 ConnectNav Firmware!

Supposedly it contains changes updates to the AndroidAuto headend, ready for the update to AndroidAuto from Google sometime in the summer.

Download from one of these links :
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Posted by stoic on 20 May 2019

My Citroen app weirdness
Mine is the same and has been for months. You have to force stop* the app, and then remember to manually open it again before you start the car or it won't connect.

Its a troublesome and poorly execut...
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Posted by Richard_C on 11 August 2019

C4GP: Randomly cutting out
Looks to be fixed!

Among the many codes that DiagBox showed, the 'Engine speed' (aka crankshaft pulse sensor) was the first. So logic said to go with that one.

It appears that the Engine speed sensor tr...
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Posted by SPC on 21 December 2018

C4 Picasso Pneumatic Suspension - Spring Conversion Kits
Eurocarcare Logo

Eurocarcare for top quality parts for your car.

What can Eurocarcare offer that all the rest cannot? Well, we can supply anything that is available from your local main dealer only more often than not...
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Posted by Dave_Retired. on 07 November 2013

C4 / DS4 Radio Head unit removal
I think it just held in by plastic spring clips/snaps and needs to be prised out carefully.

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Posted by BigJohnD on 21 February 2016

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