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A new glove box repair procedure.
Good day Folks

I have recently just broken my glove box latch for the second time. This can get expensive replacing all the time and only to end up with the same "poor quality product"

In addition when ...
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Posted by Zedd on 07 August 2013

Removing Battery on a C4GP
Thought I would contribute back. Here are the correct steps for my Citroen Picasso C4 Petrol 2007 battery replacement.

- Remove top of air filter box/air intake

- Lift front flap on positive terminal an...
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Posted by Ro1 on 20 January 2014

How to prevent injector seal failure and turbo failure on 1.6HDi engines.
I have been researching this as it seemed to be a common issue and injector seals are not a part that should ever fail in a diesel engine. After reading lots of posts from both HDi and Ford 1.6TDCi ow...
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Posted by JohnC4GP on 05 February 2014

Leak of EGS Actuator Fluid
No problem, I have done as much as I, myself can physically do to mine now. I have driven over 25 miles in her today since putting her back together. I still have a hesitant 2nd gear and my local Ci...
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Posted by bens3lte on 25 March 2014

C4 / DS4 Radio Head unit removal
These images may be of help

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Posted by LenA on 08 April 2015

Reprogramming multifunction Type C display
So actually I already resolved the issue and I hope this information will be helpful for others fellow happy C4 owners with same problem, because I didn't find the solution elsewhere.

So first of all t...
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Posted by on 21 July 2015

C4 recall - tailgate wiring loom
If your C4 is included by the recall - it is quite quick and easy to see whether you will get a new loom fitted..

Figure "A" : (1) tailgate harness sleeve conforms ; presence of 2 elbowed ends (at "a")...
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Posted by Phil on 21 April 2011

Living with FB's 1.6HDi VTR+ Manual
Three months in to C4 Picasso Ownership and I thought it was worth writing a User Report.

Some background. The reason for choosing a C4 Picasso was that Mrs FB wanted an MPV, I wanted a larger family ...
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Posted by FrankBullitt on 20 September 2011

C4 Engine Common Ignition Problems, Erratic Idling etc. - Read before posting
Typical faults that may occur can include: (Petrol Versions)

Poor idling - Some causes of poor idling can include an (intermittent Ignition Coil), a bad O2 Sensor, a Vacuum Leak, Burnt Valves, (...
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Posted by Dave_Retired. on 16 November 2011

Everything I have found about the RT4/5 and USB (and phones and Bluetooth)
Proceed with care - if your unsure, DON'T do this This was posted at C6owners.

James C6 wrote ...

Background notes

1. Smartphones double up as music players: I've never really seen the point of carrying ...
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Posted by Dave_Retired. on 13 June 2012

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