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Locking wheel nut woes... lost the key
BigJohnD wrote ...

If you have the time and money, you could visit your Citroen dealer with your VIN and order a replacement.

they were not factory fit, i tried that one thanks
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Posted by gt4thug on 01 October 2020

Not starting after replacing injector seals
Thanks. It's running fine now

Today I connected the diagnostic tool and confirmed that fuel pressure was OK, so it must have been primed already. After some more cranking it started to fire intermitt...
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Posted by TomLong on 12 September 2020

2010 C4 - Is there a way to show miles left in the tank?
Hi BigJohnD, thanks for getting back to me. I actually managed to figure it out today, I had to press the button on the end of the right stick (Wiper side) and it cycled through them all XD
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Posted by rp88 on 10 September 2020

C4 Hatchback Intermittent Airbag/Belt pretensioner warning *RESOLVED*
Quick update on this problem that I had for the last 10 years and it was a pain (especially during the summer for some reason).
Tried everything with the plugs etc/cleaned them all etc problem persist...
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Posted by nrap on 28 July 2020

2010 Grand C4 Picasso starting problems
I've spoken to another garage that have said to me they would be more inclined to swap the starter motor because off the car it might pass a test because it won't be under torque. More torque needed t...
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Posted by Kris_the_Joiner on 17 July 2020

Service Box website- Not free to check parts anymore
- Click Here - New site, bit clunky but works
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Posted by Gavin0478 on 01 July 2020

Service Box website- Not free to check parts anymore
Yes - irritatingly you have to pay for access to parts now. Its been very useful for years being able to access the codes and diagrams.

You can still look up characteristics, with a little workaround,...
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Posted by bluehdi on 29 June 2020

Auto vs manual?
I have had both gearboxes in various cars and have never had any issues with the first EGS6 box in 150k miles, the second had ETG6 and the software was different from the earlier car, sport mode had b...
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Posted by DeuxChevaux on 27 June 2020

Found the Eolys container and worked out how to turn off 'Low FAP' warning
I just followed the instructions from rjbean in his third post above for turning off the "Particulate Filter Additive Low" (PFA) on a 2009 C4 Grand Picasso. It worked perfectly; just one thing to add,...
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Posted by gim461 on 24 June 2020

2014 C4 Grand Picasso ESP/ASR Check engine
If you are happy with cheap tyres, then fine. I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole. I had one car on a mixture of cheap tyres and it was lethal in the wet. Changed to good quality and it was fine. ...
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Posted by routemaster1 on 21 June 2020

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