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Upgrading 2013 exclusive+ C4P
Can't see why you would unless you are really into such things as a hobby.

Whatever you do to the engine it will still be Euro 5, not 6, already an issue in London and other cities ULEZ zones. Suppose ...
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Posted by Richard_C on 21 October 2020

Service Box website- Not free to check parts anymore
- Click Here - New site, bit clunky but works
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Posted by Gavin0478 on 01 July 2020

Service Box website- Not free to check parts anymore
Yes - irritatingly you have to pay for access to parts now. Its been very useful for years being able to access the codes and diagrams.

You can still look up characteristics, with a little workaround,...
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Posted by bluehdi on 29 June 2020

Service parts- BEST | AVERAGE | WORST
jsg1163 wrote ...

I just phoned the Citroen main dealer in Birmingham and I was quoted £279 for major service Plus £229 for the front discs and brake pads and £279 for the rear discs and brake pads and...
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Posted by DeuxChevaux on 29 June 2020

No heat on drivers side SORTED
Finally got round to stripping things down and investigating why I could only get cold air on the drivers side in my car. checked all the electronics, servos, connections etc all working fine.

after de...
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Posted by Wutang on 21 October 2019

SMEG latest update link please
So i managed to update the firmware and 2019 maps and speedcams all for free, use this link below and read the guide

- Click Here -
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Posted by Harsh187 on 12 September 2019

Charging battery question
so first: you need to remove the air filter. it on the lower right corner. There is a 2" air pipe to disconnect. fairly simple : one ring.
once the big air pipe is disconnected you simply pull the whol...
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Posted by tait on 14 August 2019

Engine Fault error messages- P1352, P0113 & P0266
- Click Here -

- Click Here -

- Click Here -

Something not right - I'd start looking at split hoses maybe ... or dirty injectors if you've been stuck with cheap supermarket fuel etc ...
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Posted by proinnsias on 06 August 2019

Anyone seen this - Expansion Bottle Return Pipe - Pin Hole!
BigJohnD wrote ...

Is your car still under its original 3 year warranty or have a warranty when bought used? Make a claim.

Not in warranty, a few months out!

Anyway, got the part number (P96 766 507 80)...
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Posted by Eeeps on 05 August 2019

2015 C4 Grand Picasso Screen
Hello and thanks for all the help,
Update is that after paying £95 to Citroen to perform a diagnostic they agree I need a full screen replacement at around £1200.
The service guy emailed Citroen UK aski...
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Posted by Mrmagoo1979 on 30 July 2019

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