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Diagbox on Laptop
- Click Here -

Is where i got mine from and is generally well recommended by many as provides support and advice if needed also. Personally though, i bought a cheap laptop for around £50 and keep th...
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Posted by gt160 on 01 February 2019

Protective Shields for Rear Disc Brakes C4 2012 1.6HDI 112 HP
This could be it - 4209.E3 - I'd need your VIN to be certain.

I can't find a dealer price....

Got it. £50.29 + VAT = £60.35 Ouch!
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Posted by BigJohnD on 13 January 2019

DIY installation of Towbar Electrics
Do you have an ignition-switched 12V socket in the boot? That should be able to supply enough power for the lights.
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Posted by BigJohnD on 19 February 2018

34000 miles, too early to change the fuel filter on diesel C4 Grand picasso 2014?
I replace the air+oil+fuel filters every autumn (or 10000 miles). never hurts.
fuel filter is cheap (few pounds) and included in of my service fee (115 pounds ).
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Posted by tait on 09 September 2017

Dead 2.0 HDi
Cheers. Having been trying all last week to get in touch with the guy, I finally managed it on Friday and the conversation confirmed that he can't really be bothered with it. Twice during a 5 minute p...
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Posted by dadwagon on 04 September 2017

Injector leak and turbo failure
Just wanted to update you all on my car. It has been at an independent garage for the last couple of days, and they can't find anything wrong with the turbo. They have resealed the injectors and flush...
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Posted by oggaman on 24 August 2017

Knocking Noise from Nearside Front !
My 2014 GP is suffering from a metallic knock from the front nearside suspension.
The problem appears to be the aluminium extension to the front bumper which you can see from under the bonnet this appe...
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Posted by johntech on 21 June 2017

C4 (B7) ABS/ESP issues
I had an ESP/ASR light up intermittently yesterday. If the engine is switched off with the wheels stopped the light and warning are eliminated. I have since found that the tracking was out on one si...
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Posted by taff on 20 June 2017

Front caliper bolts
I finally got the bolts from Citroën the other day (just under £10 for 4>. E14 is too small to fit and E18 seems pretty loose - I think they might be E16 after all!

The spanner set I bought doesn't have...
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Posted by 401kill on 26 May 2017

Low Mileage Diesel Survival Strategy
gmerry wrote ...

What you should do however, if you want the vehicle to last, is to stick to the "severe" service schedule for oil changes. This means yearly oil changes even if the annual miles are lo...
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Posted by routemaster1 on 12 May 2017

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