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Radio not what it used to be???
Checked the connections for the aerial at back of headunit and at the external aerial itself?
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Posted by wozza on 20 February 2021

Lots of Questions but no Answers
Not sure what might be the issue. Depends on the questions I guess.

Also a lot of the older members have moved on. Whilst visitor numbers remain the same. Most are just lurkers who don't contribute and...
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Posted by wozza on 16 January 2021

Passenger door panel removal
Can you show some pictures?
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Posted by wozza on 10 January 2021

2014 C4 Grand Picasso ESP/ASR Check engine
Think everyone needs to stop making assumptions and just let the thread die.

I feel we have completely gone off topic at this point and just turned this into a bit of a farce for the Op.

So I'm going ...
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Posted by wozza on 03 July 2020

Happy Holidays
vexorg wrote ...

"happy holidays" that very PC message to be non-offense to the modern snowflake world.

There is more going on than just Christmas at this time of year. It isn't the only religious festi...
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Posted by wozza on 01 January 2020

Premium or none premium members
The site isn't really here to make money. I have added the google ads which I tried to keep to a minimum in less invasive places in order to offset the reduced sign ups we have been getting.

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Posted by wozza on 17 February 2019

Cookies from the site
That’s an odd one.

What browser are you using? As I’ve not had that issue with any I am running. It needing to log back in each time isn’t how it normally works though. Doesn’t do that for me on any o...
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Posted by wozza on 26 January 2019

Concerning changing to alloy wheels?
While yes they should have been checked again. In reality if it fell off, that says it was likely not torqued to spec or the incorrect bolts used.

I've never needed to tighten up any I have done, only ...
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Posted by wozza on 18 October 2018

Aerial and Speaker Questions
Sorensiim wrote ...

Hi, I'm your friendly neighbourhood thread necromancer and I'm bringing this thread back to life, using ancient rites and arcane magic.

Also, I'll be picking up my "new" 2014 C4GP th...
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Posted by wozza on 04 September 2018

2012 C4 Grand Picasso o/s/f warped disc problem.
Truly warped discs are actually quite a rare thing. It’s a bit of a myth and is often something else. Not properly torqued to the hub or fitted perfectly flat to the hub, pad transference, a sticking ...
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Posted by wozza on 24 May 2018

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