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Corroded rear discs
Hi all, a few weeks ago I fitted new rear disks and pads to Citroen C4 II or B7. 2012 with manual handbrake. Pads were Bosch 0986494596 or BP617. They were supplied complete with new shims and caliper...
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Posted by gmerry on 27 May 2019

Replacement Brake Bleed Nipples for Front Teves Calipers
For anyone with ATE/Teves Front Calipers, the ones with the pad spring clip that fits inside the caliper piston, correct size for the bleed nipple is M8 x1.25. 31.5mm length. Frentech and Brakes Int...
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Posted by gmerry on 24 May 2019

Lower ball joint breaking and wishbone bush replacement
Here's a video from UTuub Autodoc showing wishbone removal and bush replacement for a Peugeot 307. Job looks mechanically identical to the same on a C4 and variants.

- Click Here -
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Posted by gmerry on 17 May 2019

SOLVED- Coolant level goes low but NO sign of any leak- SEE MY LAST COMMENT
For anyone else reading this post, RED is not a specification for the correct coolant: colour can be completely misleading.

I've been using BASF Glysantin G30, usually available in the UK under Comma X...
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Posted by gmerry on 08 May 2019

2014 Hatch brakes corroded
Hi, your car will improve with maintenance, assuming you use Coppaslip and Certec brake grease (as appropriate).

Directed heat is your best friend on any larger fastenings that have seized.

Sometimes on...
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Posted by gmerry on 13 February 2019

Dead 2.0 HDi
Once a garage has been caught being "lazy" or telling untruths, "never" give them a 2nd chance, you have too much to lose.

Find a decent mechanic and move on.

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Posted by gmerry on 02 September 2017

Dead 2.0 HDi
Too many things don't quite hold together: the cambelt should never be described as ever so slightly slack!!! Why is the garage not doing a compression test and telling you the result! If the valves h...
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Posted by gmerry on 30 August 2017

1.6HDi loss of oil pressure
Low Oil pressure is one of:-

1/ Oil Pump worn

2/ Oil Pump relief valve opening pressure too low / leaking

3/ Main / Big end bearings shot (usually makes a lot of noise)

4/ Low Oil level

5/ Overheated engin...
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Posted by gmerry on 16 August 2017

Diesel Particle Filter - additive cleaner?
PSA diesel particle filter (DPF) systems are very robust and well engineered: if the engine is in good condition, no need to add any additive. The car already has an additive system that catalyses the...
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Posted by gmerry on 27 July 2017

Braking Issue
If the new master cylinder has been correctly replaced, I would suspect the ABS block.

Take it to a mechanic who has Lexia/Diagbox and ask him to bleed the brakes using the Lexia routine (this takes tw...
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Posted by gmerry on 25 July 2017

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