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First Day & First Impressions ! 1.6 HDi 92 "Cool" Hatch

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Tue Sep 11 2007, 10:03am
6 weeks on and she's running lovely

Almost 1900 miles on the clock, the mpg on this is simply FANTASTIC !!

The average mpg ( and its nearly ALL inner city driving! ) varies between 65.2 and wopping 67.2 !!

My low fuel warning came on after getting 653 miles out of a tank !! with over a 100 to fill up.. pinch me I am dreaming This is the end of the third tank of fuel and it just gets better n better !

Truly wonderful, and yes we are still delighted !!

oh yes, BTW.. by the time I got to the garage the display said 83 miles left to fill up and I filled up with 53.5ltrs so around 6.5 ltrs litres left in the tank.. the display of fuel remaining is very accurate.

Its only the £51 it costs that hurts
Thu Jan 03 2008, 06:20am
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Steve, that MPG is fantastic...I don't seem to do that well, and most of my driving is long runs!

Wed Apr 08 2009, 04:27pm
Hi All,

I am back !

Apologies for being away for so long, many "life issues" where thrown my way, any way nuff said.
I'd rather not dwell on those.

I am pleased to say my 1.6 Hdi Cool is still with me and clocked up 25k this week.

She still sports her C4 Owners Chrome Sticker on the rear window, testament to the quality of the sticker !
Well done guys.. and Wow.. the C4 Owners site has grown soo much !

Anyways, I have to say, I am still delighted with my 1.6 Hdi Cool, definitely the best motor I have ever owned.
Just superb in everyway.

Have had a few minor issues, smelly air con when switched off, and it took 4 sets of front wiper blades before I got a pair that were silent ! ( what the heck is that all about ?)

Also had 4 punctures between Jan and Feb this year.. but hey, thats not the cars fault !

She is still returning 55-57 mpg tootling around town in my day job, and as I get paid partly by mileage allowance, that helps the bank account a little. Motorway driving , the best return to date was 69.9 mpg, I just couldnt squeeze that last 0.1 out of her !

Having now experienced cruise control and the speed limiter facility, they are fantastique,wouldn't buy another car without these features

The engine is well run in now, and she is a delight to drive,having had a petrol C4 as a courtesy car, I can honestly say my diesel cool, had far more "oomph" and is a much nicer drive..

Overall, I continue to be well pleased with my 1.6 Hdi Cool.

Following the recent 24k service though, I now have an issue, which I shall air in the relevant thread.
Hopefully one of the techs can advise me.

Its nice to see the C4 Owners site thriving and growing so fast.
Well done to all concerned, and of course, the star of the show the Citroen C4 !

See you in the forums.


Stevie B
Wed Apr 08 2009, 04:31pm

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Nice to see you back Stevie, it's been a while and you have an awful lot of catching up to do
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