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Windscreen wipers and C4GP

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Wed Mar 31 2010, 10:56am
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Joined: Feb 16 2008
Location: london
I'm thinking of getting a set of replacement windscreen wipers for our 2008 GP.

How can I tell if my car is the old or new model car and is it true the spec differs so much that the windscreen wipers are different? My car was registered in May2008.
Wed Mar 31 2010, 11:40am
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Location: Essex
I had a similar problem as my GP was registered new on the 30th April 2008, so I did some digging.

You need Valeo code VM485 (pair of front wipers) for any C4 Picasso produced after April 2008 I believe. Mine was registered on the 30th April 2008 and have the VM485 codes (Citroen part codes 6423 72 & 6423 73). You can use service.citroen.com if you register to check the exact wipers you need for your car, and you can also check the manufacturing date.

The other quick way is to phone your Citroen dealer and ask what wipers are fitted by asking for the correct price and part codes relating to your vehicle reg. no. If they quote you 6426 PF and 6426 PG then they are pre-April 2008 versions).

I don't know what the change was to the wipers, but I guess only a fitting or the blade design.

I have just received the Valeo original fit wipers from wiperblades.co.uk. They are currently discounting all Valeo wipers by 15%, and given these are what Citroen fit as originals to their cars, a brand new pair of front wiper blades for the C4 Picasso can be obtained for £40.03 + £2.45 p&p. This is a better price than the £60+ Citroen want for them and also beats the Premier pricing as well. At the moment wiperblades do not sell the original fit rear wiper, so this is best obtained from Citroen themselves (or one of the Premier dealers).

Hope this helps
Wed Mar 31 2010, 12:32pm
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I think that they have changed the way the blade fits to the arm. On mine (July 2007), if you lift the arms and turn the blades, they just lift away. I think it may not be the same on newer ones, as I vaguely remember looking at a newer one.
Wed Mar 31 2010, 01:48pm
I have a pair of front wipers for sale - look in the For Sale section.
They are the 6426 PF & 6426 PG wipers - brand new unused and in original boxes.
Our car was registered April 2008 - never got around to fitting them as we have just sold our C4 Picasso.
Thu Apr 01 2010, 08:48am
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Location: london
thanks all - very helpful
Wed Apr 11 2012, 03:52am

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I've checked the above site and whilst it doesn't have C4 Picasso, just the grand they must be the same windscreen. However, the wiper quoted is a Bosch product, the A428S. I am fairly sure this set is available in hell frauds - does anyone know if this set is suitable as the C4 Picasso/ grand Picasso isn't in the hell-frauds booklet
Wed Apr 11 2012, 04:21am

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Location: Hoylake
Your local Citroën dealer will supply and fit a pair a front wipers for £29 - see Citroën's Fixed Price offers: - Click Here -
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Wed Apr 11 2012, 05:53am

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Good call, it's just a pain to go for them in order to get some blades - I might try seeing if they will send me them for the same price, rather than fitting them.
Wed Apr 11 2012, 07:10am

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Location: Cambridgeshire
Remembered there is a service agent near work, but they don't do parts - gave them a call and asked if it would be OK to buy a set for £29 but take them away which they were happy with.

Tue Sep 24 2013, 05:12am
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Just wondering if there is any difference in the quality of the wiper blades?
I priced a set for my GP through the link provided & priced Citroen as well, with citroen being cheaper.
Tue Sep 24 2013, 06:42am

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Citroen use OEM Valeo or Bosch and they last a long time......
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