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C4 Coupe 1.6 VTi 120 (By Loeb Trim)

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Tue Mar 30 2010, 05:08pm
The fact that this is a 'Loeb' is neither here, nor there - ultimately this is a C4 coupe, with a 1.6 VTi 120 engine.

Miles so far: 640
MPG so far: 38.1

First impressions:

VERY quiet - awesome cruiser.

VERY comfy - awesome cruiser.

V. spacious all round - front, rear and boot.

40 MPG average @ 70mph on the motorway, which is good in my opinion - awesome cruiser.

400 miles out of a tank!!! - awesome cruiser.

Loads of useful equipment, but shame about lack of climate control, and ESP.

Good stereo (due to good sound insulation).

Great engine mapping for town driving (low-down torque).

Looks very sporty in the Loeb trim.

Unfortunately, suspension doesn't match it's looks - lots of roll and wallow in the bends.

Steering feels very electric - doesn't feel very connected to the front wheels, and feels heavy in town.

Engine feels asthmatic at top end - but may improve with mileage, so not sure about overtakes on country lanes.

Future plans (in no particular order):

1) Remap - with continuously variable valve timing, I don't see why things can't be improved. I expect at least 10hp and 10lb improvement. I'd rather a plug in box, as opposed to a 'remap' as such. We'll see.

2) Eibach prolines - appears to be a good spring for 'comfortable, fast driving'. Lots of country lanes round here, so needs a little stiffening up in my opinion.

3) BlueTooth HandsFree kit.


Wed Mar 31 2010, 01:49am

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Location: Northumberland

Eibach Pro will transform the handling and for me would be number 1 as the remap on the petrol engine won't provide massive gains as it does on the Diesel engines

As it stands the 120 VTi engine needs to be revved and kept up at 3500-4000+ to get best use out of it (my wifes Pug 207cc has the same one) but I'm a diesel fan
Sun Apr 11 2010, 05:37pm
Update: 1200 miles. Average 37.1 MPG (LOTS of town driving since the last update). Engine becoming looser, and more forgiving.

Gearbox becoming easier to operate... although still difficult to engage 1st gear at times. I believe that it's due to the in-built protection. I now generally go into 2nd, then 1st which works a lot better. Whatever you do, don't force it or you'll **££$$ the selector.

The standard MP3 player was good, but didn't allow you to scroll through folders/albums. There was also a lack of Bluetooth, AUX and USB/IPOD connectivity. It was therefore replaced with a Kenwood KDC-BT50U. This solved all three problems... and it even has built-in 'parrot' which will download your phonebook, missed calls and SMS messages from your phone (if compatible).

The standard speakers were good... but lacked clarity. The fronts have been replaced with a pair of Infinity Kappa 62.9i. Although they produce less bass, they have a decent crossover (despite being a co-axial speaker), and reproduce instruments very clearly indeed. The existing 'tweeters' will be toned down via a resistor, to allow the new co-axials to take over.

To make up for the lack of bass, an Alpine MRP M352 amp was installed under the passenger seat, coupled with a Sony XSLB10S 10" slimline sub in the boot. It won't produce "bone-shaking" bass... but that's not what I'm after.

A/C seems decent - recent warm weather has allowed me to test it, and all seems good.

Nothing else to report - it start, goes, stops etc... runs perfectly.

Fri Jul 22 2011, 05:42am
15 months, 20k on the clock now.

Very comfy... very smooth. Looks good (well, so I'm told). Roomy. Just a nice car to have. Nothing special, but a nice all-rounder.

AV 43MPG over the past 3500 miles - fantastic average for a petrol car of this size. I can get over 50MPG out of it on the motorway - cruise control @ 60 MPH. I was amased that I was able to do a round trip to Snowdonia (500 miles) on one tank of fuel.

I was away for 7 weeks, however the car started as if it had been driven hours earlier - very impressed.

The gearbox isn't as tight as it used to be, but I don't like it. I'm just not a fan of cable operated boxes.

The cam chain appears to rattle a lot when cold starting, but it settles down after a few minutes. It didn't sound to happy when I was doing lots of short journeys when it was -15c over the winter. I therefore has 0w30 in there until the weather got warmer (just in case!).

I seem to have lost about 0.75 litres of coolant - I've topped up and will keep an eye on it.

Still on the original tyres, which is good (I have rotated them once). Well, I did have winter wheels fitted for a few months (which is cheating, I know), but it's still good.

I once locked my car and walked off, to find the wipers going?!... I couldn't understand why. I turned the ignition key on and off, and it stopped. Strange, and it's never happened again.

Paint is bubbling on the spoiler (surprise surprise). I'll have to get that seen to.

Nothing else to report.

PS The bumpers seem to be able to take a few knocks without any adverse effects. Handy when you can't see out of the back window!!!

Fri Jul 22 2011, 07:04am

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Little tip for the back window thing and reversing...

Check for a reflection in the top section of the window, if you see one you are usually around a foot or so away.

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