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STOP. Oil pressure too low C4 1.6 Petrol

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Thu Apr 15 2010, 01:25am
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Location: heronridge nottingham
And not £6.00 any more £11.00 plus vat
Thu Apr 15 2010, 02:42am
I saw on ebay the other day ther were selling packs of 10 genuine filters for £44.99
Thu Nov 11 2010, 12:35am
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Location: Surfers Paradise Queensland Australia
Oh I should have read this thread ugh!!

In Gold Coast Australia they wanted AUD$60 for original Citroen C4 1.6 ltr petrol paper oil filter and smart axxs me decides to get a OEM from Burson's @ AUD$24 (Mind you I have been buying OEM filters from them for years for my Volvo S70 -@ 460K trade in for C4)

Sure enough three months after 60K service, low oil pressure warning -STOP car. Drive 5K to dealer AUD$380 later after they had to clean out all the paper that collapsed from OEM filter into sump, piping and replace with original Citroen oil filter and fresh oil.

Lesson learnt the hard way!!!!
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 Dave_Retired. (11 Nov 2010 : 10:01)
Thu Nov 11 2010, 10:05am

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Oh that's worse than anything we have had so far. Thanks for the aditional feedback
Tue Apr 05 2011, 08:22am
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Could someone post instructions on how to change the sensor please.

Tue Apr 05 2011, 08:40am

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niallquinndj wrote ...

Could someone post instructions on how to change the sensor please.


If you read the whole thread it's 99% sure to be the filter so that's where to start.
Sat Aug 13 2011, 06:18pm
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Location: Medway, Kent
I have had the same problem with a Genuine Citroen filter. I purchased it from a main dealer and fitted myself! I used Total Quartz 9000, also from the Citroen main dealer. My C4 is a 2005 1.6 Petrol with 45,000 miles. Both oil and filter were changed 8432 miles and less that 10 months ago. The engine was well drained and the filter bowl emptied.
Never had a problem like this before. I have always done servicing myself and two of my previous cars have passed 180,000 miles without major engine issues.

I had to fish out the broken bits of the filter from the filter bowl.

After flushing out the engine, I have fitted a "MAN" branded filter and "Commer" SYNER-G brand oil. I noticed that in the MAN filter looks like the Citroen one on the left, with thicker struts and has the little circular piece with the manufacturers date code in the centre of the filter. The Citroen filter had struts that are like the filter on the right!

I intend to take the filter back to Citroen an see if they are interested.

Tue Dec 06 2011, 01:55pm
Hi there

I am having same problem, "oil pressure low" message and cutting out problem.

My question is would poor quality filter make car/engine cuts out as well??
Tue Dec 06 2011, 02:09pm

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Location: Hoylake
mawoudadi wrote ...

My question is would poor quality filter make car/engine cuts out as well??

Yes. It would certainly reduce the oil pressure, and warnings will appear.
Tue Dec 06 2011, 02:16pm
Thanks member #82

I actually was wondering if poor oil filter would make the car cut out or idle??

Tue Dec 06 2011, 02:25pm

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Location: Manchester
Filters are something that are worth getting from the dealer. For the tiny difference in price worth it for peace of mind. That and a few people have had issues with non OEM filters causing problems.
Wed Jan 11 2012, 04:09pm
Had this issue since my recalled head gasket was replaced on 1.4 petrol. Had the oil pressure sensor change still piping GRR, Dad changed the oil and filter (Filter not citroen) at the weekend fine until today after 40 mins driving beep beep oil pressure too low. Getting a Citroen filter soon and getting it swapped. Thanks for the help guys.
Mon May 06 2013, 05:02am
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Location: Manchester
Hello, I have a similar problem with my C4 2.0HDi, it has been sat on the drive for about 5 months without being used, started it up last week fine, and took it for a run, half way through the drive the low oil pressure warning came on, so I have had the oil and filter changed, at a local garage, this did not clear the fault. I found this thread and changed the filter to a genuine Citroen filter, I have started the car, but the light comes on at start up, I was wondering how long would it take for the fault to clear out of the computer, after installing the new filter, I didn't want to take it for a run, just in case it was low pressure, the engine sounds as normal, any help would be gratefully received.
Mon May 06 2013, 09:14am

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Location: Manchester
Disconnected the battery for a bit. That will usually clear a fault. It it comes back on then, might be worth looking at other bits.
Mon Sep 14 2015, 04:57am
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Location: uk barnsley
Would this cause any oil starvation, any noise or just flag up the warning?
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