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Anti-Pollution problems (6 months old C4 Picasso 1.6HDi) [Resolved as failed Particulate filter]

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Mon Mar 08 2010, 11:40am
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Location: Shropshire
Just thought i would post this to see if anyone else with one of the new Citroen C4 Piccasso diesels has had similar problems.

Well I thought I had got rid of the anti pollution problems when I get rid of my 55 plate c4 HDi hatch with 120k miles on the clock. I bought a new Picasso C4 with the 1.6 diesel engine last September. Done 15k miles now and problems starting again! Its been very reliable so far, but took it into the garage last Thursday.... they still have it!

Citroen technical have asked them the usual questions, do I do short trips how after do I fill up, do I fill up each time, do I wait for the fill me up led before filling etc. Basically the car does very few short trips most are 80 to 100 miles, norm being at least 25 miles plus so the problem shouldnt be due to teh particles not being burnt off. I normally fill up when it’s about 3/4 empty. The service light came on last week followed by the anti pollution failure message. This was followed by the flashing engine management light. This then went on and off every few miles , and seemed to follow acceleration such as went overtaking another vehicle.

The garage contacted Citroen technical and they suggested changing some parts. They have simulated the DFP cleaning operation, and it seems to be working fine, the original idea was a loss of pressure from the pump supplying the DPF cleaning fuel, to the filter, which was changed yesterday on Citroen techs instructions, but the problem still existed.

They are now awaiting the next set of instructions from Citroen technical. The thoughts are that the filter might actuallly be suffering from a loose baffle , fallen to bits inside, which when under pressure from accelerating might be causing a temporary blockage. Good news is that they are fitting a new DPF, fingers crossed this will crack the problem.

Makes you wonder about all the green planet stuff. OK Citroen are trying to do their bit to reduce pollution, but is it all worth it? Seems to be a source of a lot of problems looking at this forum.

Finger crossed for tomorrow...
Sat Mar 13 2010, 02:11pm
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globetrotter. How did you get on at Citroen? Have they cured the problem? My wife's car does this all the time and we have learned to ignore it!! Car seems to run perfectly in spite of the slightly deranged ECU. LOL.
Mon Mar 22 2010, 08:09pm
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Joined: Jun 04 2007
Location: Shropshire
Hi Colvert - Sorry for being slow replying. Yes they found the problem with the anti pollution alarm. Citroen Technical asked the garage to charge the pump that supplies the special fluid to the injector which burns off the carbon deposits at a very high temperature. It made no difference.

To be fair they hung onto the car and were determined to find it. The ECU was reporting that the particulate filter was blocked but when they presumably tried to force air or similar through it it seemed clear. They then decided to swap the particulate filter which on the one diagram I looked at looks like it is on the back of the CAT. Success the car ran perfect no warnings about anti pollution failure, no dropping to limp home mode or the restricted rpm of about 2k rpm.

I have done about 1k miles since the repair towed the caravan for 300 miles and all is still well. Well in fact its better than that! The car now pulls like a trojan and seems a lot more gutsy and pulls the caravan far better ( I forget I have got it at times!).

So summing up they stuck at it and found it. Just to confirm they cut the particulate filter open and found it had fallen to bits in side, I guess the baffles were shifting about and when you started to accelerate and push a fair amount of gas through the filter the baffles were obviously blocking the path.

Considering the car is only 6 months old with 16k on the clock it's bad news that the filter went knackered, but at least they found the problem. If anyone else has similar problems with a 59 plate 1.6HDi VTR+ C4 Picasso ( 5 seater) who knows it might be a faulty batch of filters.

Hope that helps someone. Thanks go to the lads at Stafford (WRD) a job well done.


Tue Mar 23 2010, 02:23am

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That would have been difficult to track down and no diagnostic machine would be able to find it.

Looks like Phil and the crew at WRD have done a great job once again

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