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Myway on C4GP Exclusive

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Mon Mar 08 2010, 11:10am
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Joined: Mar 02 2008
Location: Essex
I really don't know what Citroen are playing at. They will drive customers away with the removal of yet another feature (if of course customers know about it). The Exclusive is becoming anything but just lately and these really nice features detract from what Citroen cars really stand for - being different.

Bear in mind as well as removing this and other features, the OTR price of the whole range has been increasing month on month - for example £21095 for the 1.6Hdi EGS Exclusive before any options in January 2008 vs £22770 in March 2010. Plus metallic and options have all increased in price (with the complete deletion of some options). I think this must definately be running stocks out of parts in light of a major refresh probably in the August shutdown. Either that or customers will go elsewhere.

Before I got my GP, I asked in writing for confirmation that I would receive the RT4 Navidrive system, given I was paying £1300 for it. I was reluctantly given (I got the impression they aren't supposed to let you have a copy) and still have a copy of the dealer issued PIB bulletin from 2007 outlining specific spec. changes before I ordered my GP and this outlines spec changes down to removal of kerb side lights under door mirrors. As has been said, prospective buyers need to ask to see the 2009/2010 bulletin from the dealer so they know what has been or is being deleted/added and then gain this in writing.

Incidentally, my RT4 Navidrive in my GP (the Hard drive based system), also only supports 5 digit postcodes and is also described as a technological marvel! I'm on the latest set of maps which seem to make no difference. I have to say though personally, I've never used postcodes to set the address. I've just either put the full address in, or you can find the place (broadly) scrolling using the map and placing the crosshairs and adding it as my destination. Not great, but then I do prefer the integrated systems.

Do keep us posted.
Mon Mar 08 2010, 11:27am
I could not have put it better myself, I am seriously thinking of cancelling my order, as it is very sneaky them putting in the new brochure this feature, then deleting it without notice. For a 23k top of the range motor, that does not come with sat nav,leather 17 or 18 inch alloys, bluetooth and ipod connection is not good, look at any other car in it's class that is the same money and you will get at least a couple of these items.Even the mood lighting as now become an option.
trev h   
Mon Mar 08 2010, 11:49am
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Location: kent/se london
Are you saying that the kerb side lights under the mirrors were removed in '07 as iv'e got them fitted & to be honest they are about as much use as a chocolate fire guard, thats an example of what they should be removing ( the gimmicks) if they want to save a couple of bob.
To rub it in i got a letter from citroen today thanking me for buying & enclosing an accessorie book advertising a tom tom for £107 taking the P or what.

PS got the mood lighting
Mon Mar 08 2010, 11:57am
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Joined: Mar 02 2008
Location: Essex
The example from the Citroen bulletin I have was relevant to VTR+ trim levels!

Hope this clarifies.

Tue Mar 09 2010, 05:04am
This problem is not unique to Citroen, VAG do the same thing with MY changes (although the delivery times are 12 weeks not 25). The dealers (and fleet buyers) are normally kept updated with changes, but they may not pass on the information. I've never had the problem as I have always brought pre-reg or "stock" cars of known spec.

As for trim levels, Citroens are still good value for money compared to my old motor (especially here in Germany). A standard SE Touran (mid spec) costs the same as a VTR+ (without discount) and does not have a multi-function steering wheel, bluetooth (not even an option), navi, sparewheel (not possible), fog lights or sun blinds. They do have a temperature guage though For the spec I have (folding mirrors, auto lights and wipers, heated seats) the price gap widens. The Touran is also being replaced this year, so options are limited, and the only model you can get easily is a special edition with lots of toys (bit different to Citroens get rid of everything).

Finally pricing. The exchange rate £ to € sucks and means I can buy a LHD car in th UK cheaper than on the continent!


(sorry to keep mentioning the competition, I'm a recent convert and am still suffering from culture shock)
Tue Mar 09 2010, 05:31am

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Joined: Jan 22 2007
Location: Hoylake
VWs are notorious for being poorly spec'd. A friend bought a basic Polo, and was horrified to find that even the radio was an extra.

It does keep the advertised price down, e.g. from £9,999 - but the reality is no-one pays that.
Tue Mar 09 2010, 09:55am
Slightly off topic but we were thinking of "upgrading" our 5 seater exclusive to a 7 seater. More for boot space than 7 seats amongst other things

To cut a long story short we got a Renault Laguna SporTourer 2.0dci 150bhp - brand new, latest spec for quite a bit less than a 2.0hdi EGS Exclusive C4 GP.

The car is completely standard and the top of the range Initiale comes with full leather,heated,electric seats with memory, tyre pressure sensors, directional xenon lights, fully integrated TOM TOM sat nav( which is upgradeable with memory card just as normal Tom Toms), "3D sound" stereo with mp3/ipod/usb connections in centre console,17" alloys - as well as all the standard C4P Exclusive goodies like laminated privacy glass, auto wiper/lights, electrochrome rear mirror, dual climate etc etc.

It doesn't have mood lighting or under mirror lights!

The best deal Citroen could come up with was about 2k more for a 2,0hdi egs exclusive C4 Picasso - one dealer didn't even bother to get back to us - I chased them twice but gave up if they cant be bothered to sell me a car.
The Laguna also has £125 rad tax ( C4 PIc - £155), combined mpg of 52.3 ( C4 Pic - 47.4) and 3yr 100,000 mile warranty and 3 years breakdown assistance ( against 1 yr from Citroen).

Renault dealers aren't without there faults and previous version Lagunas have been unreliable ( although our 2004 model was very reliable for 4 yrs we owned it).

With our latest experience Citroen have lost a customer through penny pinching on specs and discounts and disinterested dealers - if they aren't interested before the sale don't have much hope afterwards.
Tue Mar 09 2010, 12:23pm
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Joined: Jul 08 2007
Location: Dorset
BigJohnD wrote ...

VWs are notorious for being poorly spec'd. A friend bought a basic Polo, and was horrified to find that even the radio was an extra.

It does keep the advertised price down, e.g. from £9,999 - but the reality is no-one pays that.

The radio was an extra on the C4GP LX. Don't know whether they sold any!
trev h   
Thu Mar 11 2010, 01:43pm
Member No: #10864
Joined: Sep 11 2009
Location: kent/se london
Received email reply from CUK regarding the lack of post code input on myway, the usb input & the 5 colour screen, basically not really interested, quote "myway will only accept 4 digit inputs - Aux socket is in glovebox (haven't got one anywhere)- 5 colour screen has been discontinued from the standard equipment & is now only available as part of an option pack" thats a new one.

Not a happy bunny at this so rung trading standards for options.

Their reply. Did you buy the car on finance. YES took up citroens interest free finance. Then your arguement is with the finance company the options are - reject the car - get citroen to right the problems - have car sorted by independent source & bill citroen - Come to a financial arrangement for compensation. All this is covered by the 1979 sale of goods act.

If you purchase goods you are entitled to receive what you ordered NO MATTER what they put on the back of the brochure or what spec they change after your order, so its back into battle tomorrow
Thu Mar 11 2010, 01:48pm

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Joined: Aug 07 2006
Location: Northumberland
Good luck, we all await the outcome with interest on this one.
Thu Mar 11 2010, 02:53pm
Keep us updated Trev, I have had no reply to my email as of yet, regarding the 5 colour screen, as you say if in the brochure when ordered it should be there.

I have checked the options several times and there is no mention of it being part of any options pack.

I had this problem 5 years ago when I purchased, what was then a new new Zafira, in the standard spec in the brochure at the time, flex organiser rails where standard on the Club and above, I order a Club, no rails.

They said it was a mis print and should have been Design model only, threatened with TS and guess what they replaced the car with a new one with them in, as they could not be fitted as an after fit.

So stick to your guns m8.
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