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C4 1.6 HDi Clutch

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Mon Mar 15 2010, 06:05pm
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C6 Dave wrote ...

COLVERT wrote ...

............. To fit the new clutch in my wife's C4 I took off the slave cylinder. Somehow whilst it was off it seems to have managed to get some air into the system. I now need to bleed it but cannot find the clutch master cylinder reservoir !!! Does it share the brake reservoir ????? If not then Citroen have made a really good job of hiding it.

Well it doesn't share the brake reservoir.

It took some tracking down but here is how you do it: - Click Here - (for Premier Members)

You basically have to 'siphon' fluid in. Looks like a pain to do

Hi there C6 Dave, Back again with some useful info on the C4 hatchback clutch.

Went to the French Citroen dealers today to buy some brake and clutch fluid and to ask where the clutch reservoir was hidden. It turns out that the British cars have a different system from that of the French cars. The clutch and brakes share the same reservoir. ( In fact there are two reservoirs connected by a pipe.) The easy to reach top up reservoir is the one that can be clearly seen under the bonnet and is attached to the front of the top bulkhead. From here a pipe goes to the second reservoir which is attached to the front of the brake servo unit and can just be seen at the back of the engine compartment behind the battery. It is all very easy to bleed both clutch and brakes if necessary without having to remove any engine components !!!!!

I was also given two diagrams. One of the clutch layout and one of the components which I have scanned into my computer. I would like to send you copies but I don't know how to post them to the forum. I only know how to send them by E-Mail. ( My excuse is that at the age of 72 I have replaced the clutch ( old technology. ) But am not too well acquainted with this computer business (new technology. ) COLVERT.

PS. the clutch works well.
Tue Mar 16 2010, 03:31am

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Your scan was too small to display but let me see the document reference so here is a better version.

I had assumed that your car was left hand drive as your living in France, hey ho.....

Sun Apr 04 2010, 04:23pm
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Yes that is the correct diagram for the RHD cars. The reservoir shown is the one attached to the servo unit. The one you put the fluid into is the one at the top of the bulkhead and easily reached when lifting the bonnet. Colvert.
Wed Mar 27 2019, 01:13am
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How similar would the basic C4 vt coupe be to this?
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