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13,000 miles in 6 months in VTR+ 110 Hdi 5 door hatchback

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Wed Jul 25 2007, 07:48am

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Joined: Jan 22 2007
Location: Hoylake
I bought my 55 plate C4 (for cash) at the beginning of Jan 07. It was almost a year old with about 13,000 miles on the clock. In a little over six months, I've doubled that to over 26,000 miles.

I wanted a Wicked Red diesel VTR+ "Berline cinq portes" but at the time Citroën couldn't locate any between North London and Newcastle-upon-Tyne, so I settled for Oriental Blue.

1. Glove box door jams in closed position and needs a good smack on the lower hinges to sort it.
2. The colour-coded top cover on driver's mirror comes loose and rattles. Similarly, a good smack puts it back into place.

1. Incomplete conversion to RHD - wipers, the position of handbrake, keyhole/lock only on passenger door, the glove box is reduced in size, minor controls are all still setup for LHD, e.g. position of cruise control readout and central door lock button, steering wheel cruise control and radio volume switches should be interchanged, logo for electric mirrors shows LHD, &c.
2. Reflections of dash in windscreen.
3. Rear vision could be better.
4. Front seat passengers find the seat belt difficult to plug in.
5. Lots of small oddment racks and pockets - which fill up with muck and are difficult to clean.
6. Not been able to fit DAB aerial easily, probably requiring holes to be cut in body work and removing (glued?) roof lining and other interior fiitings.
7. Tool kit should have Torx driver set included.
8. My son loves it and is always trying to borrow it.

Good points:
1. Outstandingly comfortable with armchair seats.
2. Great engine - 50+mpg, good acceleration 40-60mph, relaxed and relaxing 70 mph cruising (traffic permiitting).
3. Slick central speedo - for all to see, including other drivers!
4. Anti-lock brakes/traction control.
5. Cruise control sophisticated and reliable.
6. Automatic lights, wipers and A/C really good.
7. Trip computer and basic radio are fine.
8. Imperial or metric readouts
9. Everything works as it should.
10. Lots of control over minor stuff.
11. I like the scented A/C and the pull-out in the boot to stop the shopping crashing about.
12. 13,000 miles of stress- and trouble-free motoring.

Service and maintenance:
1. 2 new Michelin Exaltos on the front at 25,000 miles - £275. Recommended, despite high price (even after C4O discount.)
2. 25,000 miles service - £200 Caledonia, Chester)
3. New front wiper blades - £37
4. Used 0.5l of oil.
5. Fitted audio input 9706.AG - £20 (free activation during service)
6. Added C4 mats - £20 (Keep forgetting to buy fixings.)
7. Great support at C4 Owners, luke warm at CCC who are more traditional Citroënistes

I almost bought a Skoda Octavia back in January as there's a dealer round the corner offering great deals. The Octavia has a great reputation even though it lacks style and is bugged by old jokes. But when I see the C4 on the drive, I smile knowing I made the correct decision.

Very reliable indeed. Great value for money. A terrific motor.
Wed Jul 25 2007, 08:22am
Good write up BJD. thanks

phew... endorses my decision to buy one then...
As its a 2007 model I hope some of your mentioned issues have been corrected.. delivery middle of next week..

Stevie B
Wed Jul 25 2007, 08:55am
Terriffic, easy to read and digest report.

The motoring hacks could do well to stop the page filling flowery flannel and simply say it as it is...just like BJD has done..

Well done sir
Wed Jul 25 2007, 09:40am

Member No: #82
Joined: Jan 22 2007
Location: Hoylake
I've had no problems to speak of with the C4, especially when I read about (almost always petrol) owners having clutch troubles and others going back and forth to the garage, sometimes being towed in, over electrical/ECU/sensor issues. Which brings to the fore the real issue: how the local franchise deal with it and treat you, the paying customer. Quickly and helpfully solving a problem can put a whole new perspective on the brand and give you confidence. Otherwise, it can put you off for ever.

So far, I've only seen the Citroën dealer for a scheduled pit stop. I hope that's a good omen!
Mon Dec 03 2007, 01:58pm

Member No: #82
Joined: Jan 22 2007
Location: Hoylake
I updated the report above and sent to the Citroën Car Club in mid-October.
It was published today in the Dec 07 issue of the "The Citroënian".

I prefaced the report with this:

I've written a couple of pages about my experience with my 55-plate C4 which I've had since the beginning of the year.

Over the last few issues of The Citroënian, I sense the C4 has had bad press, and in some cases for the trivialest of reasons - like struggling to open the bonnet and fitting the wipers blades upside down (which incidentally I tried and found impossible) - and felt I had to redress the balance.

The only down time my car has suffered has been for a puncture, two new tyres and scheduled pit-stops. My expected schedules have never had to be altered because of a failure of the C4. To my mind that is knocking on 100% reliable.

I've also attached a couple of photos which may be of interest. There's photos of the broken dipstick in CCC website photo gallery.


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