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Magic tuning boxes???

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Grumpy GrandPa   
Sun Jan 31 2010, 02:31pm
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Joined: Aug 28 2009
Location: Hull: UK City of Culture 2017
Would I be right in assuming that these £80 boxes of magic tricks won't do exactly what they claim????

- Click Here -


- Click Here -

I have a 1.6 diesel BTW
Sun Jan 31 2010, 02:45pm

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Joined: Aug 12 2006
Location: Manchester
Not worth it in my opinion. They are also an utter pain to install on the 1.6 HDI. Due to having to get down the back of the engine.

If you want more power get it done properly and get it remapped.
Sun Jan 31 2010, 03:58pm

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Joined: Aug 07 2006
Location: Northumberland
Totally agree with wozza

If you want to improve the car, get a proper re map.
Mon Feb 01 2010, 06:45am

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Location: Hoylake
"+40% power, +35% Torque and -20% Fuel"

Now that is magic!
Tue Feb 02 2010, 05:35am
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Joined: Oct 16 2008
Location: Durham
Hi guys

I don't agree with wozza. I to have a box on my 1.6 HDi and my set up is not connected to the common rail and also it only took around 5-10 mins to install it.

I have the new PDI system from DTE tuning which connects to the injectors via a small loom and the reason I bought this box is that
1 my car is under warranty still
2 the box has 4 different map settings and you can adjust each map setting +3 or -3 (+3 more power -3 less power)
3 If you change your make of vehicle you don't have to get another box as these boxes are re programmable
4 the box comes with a 12 month engine warranty
5 3 yr system warranty

I know that there are pros and cons but all I can say is that I'm very happy with the power output of my vehicle so it's another option if the vehicle is under warranty and like I said it's reprogrammable for other vehicles too.
Wed Jul 28 2010, 03:02pm
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Location: TURKEY
What about the Voloperformance chips? - Click Here -

I read most of the buyers comment on ebay. Everybody is happy and has positive feedback about this chip.
Wed Jul 28 2010, 04:24pm
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Joined: Jun 27 2007
Location: Derby
My mate brought one of these magic boxes, he finally got it rolling roaded, it was about 5bhp up on standard!!! On a pug 1.6HDi... vs mine that leaves his for dead and carries about half a ton in weight extra.

Proper remap all the way..
Fri May 06 2016, 06:24pm
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Joined: Sep 29 2015
Location: Sheffield
Has anyone ever seen or had a 2.0 VTS petrol chipped.. and did it do much for power and fuel usage?

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