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Glovebox Removal

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Mon Jan 18 2010, 01:31pm
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Joined: Feb 25 2007
Location: South Midlands
How do I remove the glovebox door from the car?

I have read how to fix the handle, but it doesn't tell me how to remove the glovebox door.

Do I have to remove the whole assembly from the car or does it just unlatch somehow?

Mon Jan 18 2010, 03:23pm
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Joined: Nov 12 2007
Location: Stoke-on-Trent
You have to remove the whole glovebox first, this enables you to get access to the arm that holds the lid to the glovebox.

The lid is extremely difficult to get off without undoing the ratchet mechanism for the arm, at the back of the glovebox.

It would also be even harder to get back together.

Mon Jan 18 2010, 03:37pm
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Joined: Feb 25 2007
Location: South Midlands

Probably a job for next weekend then.
Wed Mar 24 2010, 11:55am
How do you actually remove the glove box? I've looked through loads of "how can I" and can't find anything at all to help me with this one.


Wed Mar 24 2010, 01:31pm

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Joined: Aug 07 2006
Location: Northumberland
You remove the torx head screws that you can see around the rim, plus the hidden one under the air bag sticker.
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 AlanB (04 Aug 2021 : 12:54)
Fri Mar 26 2010, 04:40am
ah ha it was just that hidden one that got me

Tue Jun 01 2021, 02:55am
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Joined: Jun 01 2021
Location: Denmark
Hi, new user on this forum

I want to replace the A/C fan resistor on my C4 (2012 model). I have read somewhere that I need to take out the glovebox to get to it. But I can't seem to detach the glove box. Is there a guide on how to do that on "the new" C4? I have removed the visible screws, but I must be missing something that I can't see... Is there a hidden screw under the sticker as in the old model? Can anyone help?

Regards, Mikael
Tue Jun 01 2021, 02:04pm
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Joined: Jul 08 2007
Location: Dorset
If I remember correctly there is one under the sticker.
Wed Jun 02 2021, 01:03am
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Joined: Jun 01 2021
Location: Denmark
routemaster1 wrote ...

If I remember correctly there is one under the sticker.

I tried scratching the sticker but I don't see a screw. I read that it is the case in the old C4 - should there be one under the sticker in the new model as well?
Wed Aug 04 2021, 01:00pm
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Joined: Sep 05 2016
Location: Alicante
@Dave_Retired, Thanks for the info above, all followed, but after removing all visible screws, top, underneath, and inside glove box, and the one under the sticker, I still cannot remove the glovebox. It is sticking fast on left side, and I cannot see any screws etc holding it, I have removed the light and inserted into flap too......any ideas, please ??? Is there anything hidden around the airbag on/off switch that I cannot see yet that you know of ???
Thanks in anticipation,

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