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C4 Grand Picasso passenger dashboard cupboard

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Thu Sep 29 2011, 08:10am
Hoipoloi wrote ...

Had both of ours replaced under warranty (at different times).
After the passenger one failed we were extremely careful in opening/closing them. Then we found the dealer had broken the driver's side one after it went in for an unrelated trim problem.

The illumination is a Heath Robinson affair, the light shines up against the inside of the lid where some chrome sticky labels redirect the light into the box itself.

I'm interested to hear you had these fixed under warranty. Citroen Manchester refused to do this on mine, claimed it would count as mis-use, and now am out of warranty so not even any comeback. Be warned. Should have got stroppier with them instead of just accepting what they said.
Wed Jan 11 2012, 08:13am
Have had the issue with my driver's side glove box lid for some time now.

Took approx 30/40 minutes to resolve the issue.

That includes removal from vehicle, getting the lid apart, and fixing back to the vehicle.

If anyone in the Coventry, Midlands area would like help with this common problem, let me know.

It'll cost you a coffee and a few biscuits, for a visit to do the job.
Wed Jan 11 2012, 08:23am

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Nice offer, but there is a tutorial here: - Click Here -
Tue Jun 05 2012, 05:10am
Excellent tutorial, Dashboard lid catch broke, followed step by step guide, just finished no probs, took 1/2 hour to remove and part,1/2 hour glue to dry, 10mins to replace. local citroen garage wanted £200 + vat. Hydraulic lever is flexible rubber (not hard plastic) it has a rubber eyelet on top that just peels off round retainer on lid, also take care and patience parting lid, plastic can be abit fragile. Thanks for advice
Tue Jul 10 2012, 07:53am
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Hi Guys. I am in the process of following this excellent tutorial but would like to mention two things.

The plastic pin which the latch pushes against to release the mechanism got broken on disassembly. This was remedied with a 2mm cheap allen key cut down and the right angled end being epoxied to the plastic of the release mechanism (held with 2 small cable ties whilst it dried).

The second point is that I found it hard to get the two halves to glue together well all over as I don't possess many clamps. To remedy this. Glue and assemble the lid upside down (i.e the uppermost surface when in the car is down on the bench. Put it on a cloth so you don't scratch it) Put a big block of wood in the concave bit and wrap the whole thing in lots of clingfilm, pushing the glued edges together as you wrap and leave it to cure.

I hope this description is clear.
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 Dave_Retired. (10 Jul 2012 : 10:05)
Sat Nov 10 2012, 07:55am
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Thanks for this guide guys!
I still had the little plastic part and pushed it back in. Hope it holds for another few years
Sun Jan 13 2013, 08:29am
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Superb post....thank you. I felt compelled to register with c4owners in order to post this reply. Like the others I had the same problem with the top locker and after being told by my dealer that a new cover would be £200 it has been lashed with a bit of string for a few months until I've had time to take a look at it today....thank goodness I ran into this thread.

With benefit of your trail blazing and identifying how the unit was put together I have been able to fix mine by simply removing the lid from the car and then drilling an access hole from the side. Along the same plane as the rule above in the photo.

Whilst I agree that the threaded bolt would be a great solution I couldn't get access with a bolt head and socket cover narrow enough to get in through the access hole I had drilled.

Having aligned the holes in the catch mechanism I therefore simply sellotaped the original plastic pin (rubbish design) to the end of a philips screwdriver and pushed it into the slot via the access hole.

In the end the final fix took 5 minutes.....just took me a couple of hours beforehand to find this forum.

Thanks again.

Mon Aug 12 2013, 09:45am
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I must be on another planet (no comment!) - I can't find a way to just 'lift off' the lid. All screws are fully undone and withdrawn. Don't feel inclined to put heavy force on such flimsy plastic but there appears to be no alternative. Is it a really hard upward yank that's needed? Help?
Wed Apr 08 2015, 06:52pm
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Admin Dave wrote ...

Nice tip, have made it into a permanent tutorial here: - Click Here -

Really great help, thanks. There is another useful video on you tube here...

Fri May 08 2015, 04:21pm
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Just a quickie. Great tutorial sorted my dash storage compartment perfectly. HOWEVER..... !!!!!!

DO NOT remove the solid foam trimming as re installing is an absolute mare..... Guarantee it won't go right.
Fri Nov 20 2015, 03:48pm
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Admin Dave wrote ...

Nice tip, have made it into a permanent tutorial here: - Click Here -

I did the passenger side a couple of months back using tutorial have just done drivers side but tis time instead of using araldite i used Marley solvent cement KS2 much easier dries in about an hour
Tue Oct 25 2016, 02:35pm
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In my own car I have the opposite problem - I cannot open it, stays closed.
Any advice?
Tue Feb 26 2019, 01:14am
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Removal of and glueing passenger side top lid of 2009 C4 Grand Picasso.

Remove concealing plate in back of holding space, just pull towards you.
Then remove 4 screws.
Then lift up: backside is put in place with 2 lid type lips which will come loose if you pull up and towards you.
The hydraulic damper rod as below:

Damper rod was easy to remove: the material is very flexible and will come off the big nob on top quite easily.
The diameter of the rod hole is only marginally smaller than the diameter of the nob that you will pull it over. Easy easy! Thanks for the explanation!

I used superglue. Careful!
All other glues failed.
Tue Aug 18 2020, 07:23am
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Has anybody experienced the trip covers from the top dash cupboards 'peeling off'. Both mine have suffered in the heat and are peeling up - looks like they are just glued in? - any ide what type of glue would work? 08 plate C4 grand Picasso
Mon Nov 30 2020, 12:27pm
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Sorry guys but I still cannot get the spring support off the lid. With the four screws out I cannot move the inner back from the dash - and can't see why not - so I cannot move the outer edge towards me. I've tried prizing the top of the support spring off the stud but cannot budge it. I cannot even move the cap on the end of the stud, holding the support on.
Thanks for the links. I can't find the photo tutorial any more (my problem being the warped tops to the boxes as a result of the strong sun this year - 2020).
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