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C4 Electrical Problems - Preventative Maintenance

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Mon Nov 16 2009, 09:53am

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OK we all know that modern cars are subject to occasional electrical gremlins, the C4 range being no exception.

Things like the VTS/Exclusives with self levelling Xenons failing to lift due to dirty connectors (under the car or behind the headlights), water ingress into other sensor conectors like the radiator temperature one etc. etc.

Or some 'Technician' being careless changing an oil filter and dropping oil onto the ESP connector causing all sorts of error messages!

Well after speaking to 'Peter' at the Classic Car Show there is an answer, Contralube 770

Ever had those annoying ‘gremlins’ in you wiring – engine management type warning lights appearing now and then?

This type of intermittent fault is sometimes a sign connectors or contact surfaces are being affected by oxidation or may be moisture finding its way in to your equipment – a small application of contralube770 would stop all this hassle and is more of a permanent solution than traditional solvent spray lubricants. Contralube is a big favourite in the classic car market for just this type of problem.

While contralube770 protects your connector, it also helps the assembly of connectors – especially the larger connections. Many connector faults are the result of forcing male and female parts together at incorrect angles, mostly due to the connectors being located in hard to reach places. Contralube770 is effective at reducing the mating force required, ensuring solid connections and efficient assembly.

Contralube is used by some manufacturers on the production line and has only been recently made available to the public

I'm going to apply it to the Xenon sensor connectors on my C6 (when the weather improves) along with any others I can find that may be vulnerable at the front of the car and in the engine bay.

For more information and stockist information go to the Contralube website

Prevention is always better than trying to cure those annoying intermittent faults that when you go to a dealers they say:

'The Computer say's no faults show on the log' grrr.......

You can buy Contralube at various places, one of them being Maplin
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 c4steve (29 Nov 2015 : 14:01)
Fri Mar 05 2010, 04:02pm
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The only thing is! All you self tinkering bods might miss, Water causes oxidation and may already be in crimped connections causing faults ! (Inside the plastic recepticals)This should be used as a preventative, But the stuff is good in all reviews.
Sun Aug 14 2011, 08:37am
Hi! I got some strange behaviour with my coupe's trunk door. Everytime I open the driver's door the trunk door opens too. The same happens when I unlock the car with the key? Any suggestions?

Sun Aug 14 2011, 12:57pm

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Recall MHU here: - Click Here - (2nd from the bottom)

It's a well known issue as the wiring loom fails between the hatch and tailgate: - Click Here -
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 Craig (28 May 2014 : 14:01)
Thu Mar 19 2015, 04:22am
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I have a C4 coupe 1.6 2006, the diplays show that there's a electric circuit problem, and it does not want to start, the reverse lights do not come on what seems to be the problem?
Thu Mar 19 2015, 04:42am

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Diesel or petrol? - Click Here -

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