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C4 1.6 HDi engine cover

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Tue Feb 01 2011, 02:15am
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Location: aberdeen
Rich, we have an early model 1.6HDi 110 (without particle filter according to Vin Number) and it has the plastic engine cover.

does this help you?

Ie, it would not appear to be the case that that 1.6HDi 110 without DPFS will always have the felt cover.

Wed Feb 02 2011, 07:04pm
Done a bit more digging. The L5 setup appears to have been introduced to the 110BHP non DPFS models so that they would comply with the EURO4 emissions standards. Earlier 110 non DPFS models are listed as 'L4' or 'EEC 2000' - which makes sense as the earlier EURO3 regs applied from 2000 onwards. If you're interested, a decent tabular guide to the EURO emissions standards for diesels is here - Click Here - .

EURO4 came into force from 1 Jan 2005 for new designs, but applied from 1 Jan 2006 for existing designs, such as the the C4. A check of a VIN of a 2005 110 non DPFS C4 with a plastic engine cover confirms this is the case - it has an L4 setup.

There's a whole range of differences between the L4 and L5 setup on the 110 non- DPFS - most obviously the different engine cover, but also a different gas recycling circuit, different injectors, different turbo piping and a different spec catalytic converter. It seems that to improve the efficiency of the combustion, and of the catalytic converter (to meet the tougher standards), the exhaust gases need to be hotter, particularly when everything is cold. I'm therefore guessing that, at times, this requires a more noisy combustion style - hence the need for more noise protection over and around the engine. I suppose for variants with a DPFS in place the setup is different, and doesn't require a situation which at times makes the engine run more noisily.

So, it seems like the felt cover it's there to muffle the extra noise, most probably when the engine is cold. There seems no obvious harm in putting a plastic one in its place, except that you might notice the engine noise more at certain times. It's also possible it's there to help the top of the engine warm up more quickly, which would explain the foil backing - but I assume that's mainly there to support the felt and attach to the mounting frame. Given the extra width, including the tuck-under the brake fluid reservoir, I suppose the flexibility means it's less likely to cause damage when it's removed compared to the obvious alternative of a widened version of the plastic cover on all the other 1.6 diesels?

A good test of the theory now is if someone comes forward with a 1.6 HDi variant other than 110 non DFPS, but which has a felt and foil engine cover.
Sat Sep 27 2014, 02:38pm
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Location: Grangemouth Scotland
Phil you say you got the cover for £10.49 can you dsay where from.
Fri Sep 02 2016, 03:56pm
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Location: Northampton
Hi there, could anyone tell me which engine cover would be suitable for an 08 C4 VTS 1.6 Turbo Coupe
Tue May 11 2021, 09:41am
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Joined: May 11 2021
Location: Bathgate
Are these the parts you're looking for?

"1" is the Engine Cover - 0137.52

What is this first part on the picture called? Does anyone know where i can buy it?
Wed May 12 2021, 04:09am
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Joined: Jul 06 2017
Location: Scotland
I've got HDi16 on mine, but the 16 refers to 16v not 1.6
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