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Want a warranty for a C4 when the Citroen one runs out?

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Tue Aug 18 2009, 05:38am

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Has your Citroen Warranty expired or have you bought a used car without one?

You can now purchase a warranty from Warranty Direct

With alternative warranties disputes often arise in respect of wear & tear because they incorporate a "wear & tear" exclusion clause. At the time of any claim it is all too easy for the administrator to refuse your claim by saying; "of course it's broken, the car's done 40,000 miles and it's worn out."

All Warranty Direct polices protect you against failure caused by wear & tear because parts can fail due to wear & tear at anytime. Consider these facts, the average motorist covers about 10,000 miles per year so by the end of the normal 3 year manufacturer warranty the vehicle has covered about 30,000 miles - yet 44% of vehicles require repairs in year 4 and many of these repairs can be attributed to 'wear & tear.' So beware of any policy that doesn't offer, or even suggests you don't need, wear & tear cover and always pay any extra demanded if wear & tear is unwisely promoted as an option.

If you are extending an existing warranty or we have inspected it prior to coming on cover - your wear & tear protection will start from day one - otherwise your vehicle's wear & tear cover will start after the first 90 days. We adopt this policy because our years of experience have shown that wear & tear failures arising in the first 90 days on cover are almost always pre-existing faults that were apparent before the vehicle came on cover. Upon renewal, this cover obviously applies from day one. This policy is unique to Warranty Direct and reflects our position as industry leaders for customer service and satisfaction.

Some companies will cover you against wear & tear and then exclude 'normal deterioration' - watch the small print.

A good example of a wear related failure is a failed water pump, which is as a result of worn bearings This type of claim will be rejected by a warranty policy that does not cover failure caused by wear & tear.

Get a Quote and more information.

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