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C4 Plastic cover lower windscreen seal

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Tue Sep 10 2013, 08:50am
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Joined: Sep 09 2013
Location: Leeds

Sorry to open up this old thread again.

I acquired my C4 about 2 weeks ago and noticed the sound deadening had come away from the bottom scuttle on the left had side. We've had a lot of rain recently and this has been collecting water and spilling in to the engine bay.

I took it to my local garage who told me the top scuttle isn't designed to be water proof and will let water in. Is it by design that the sound deadening is supposed to channel water because this is soaking up the water and leaking in to the engine bay.

If the case is that the top scuttle needs replacing anyone any idea how easy the job is and how much it would cost?


Tue Sep 10 2013, 09:56am

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The sound proofing is just held with clips (if I remember correctly)
Tue Sep 10 2013, 11:13am
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I you are referring to the left hand side as the drivers side (so viewed from the engine with the bonnet open). Then my sound proofing gets wet also. I just make sure my scuttle is kept pressed against the lower edge of the windscreen every couple of weeks when checking oil. It never stays there on its own but the clip will hold it for a while. I know some members have used sealer etc. but I never bothered.
Wed Sep 11 2013, 06:31am
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Location: Leeds
Cheers for the advice guys,

I will probably give sealant ago just to stem the flow a bit. We have had quite a few heavy down pours recently and it got very wet.

Seems a little bit of a bad design but will try manage to problem best I can


Wed Sep 11 2013, 04:22pm
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Same happened here - Peter/FakeConcern kindly pointed out that the scuttle panel has become detached from the bottom of the windscreen allowing water to flow down.

Had a look on here, and from memory there were numerous threads on fixes and mods on how to keep it in place. Luckily, I pushed it up and it has, so far, stayed there since.

When giving the car a service, however, the condition of the sound deadening was evil and holding water. I have removed it all and it was quite disgusting! I've not found it's made any difference to noise, so glad I've taken it out as I don't want it holding water.

Just found a picture on my phone:

Thu Dec 05 2013, 04:16pm
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Quick cable tie job

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 goldie03uk (31 May 2014 : 15:48)
Sat Jan 04 2014, 01:27pm
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Location: Italy
Well finally, this is my fix, (pictured below) and it works: A few inches of wood wedged in on top of the battery cover, keeps the part forcefully pushed up against the bottom edge of the screen. Then taped in place with black duct tape, just to make it look 'pretty'! Crude but effective, dirt cheap, and really, the only blasted solution.

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 Ravs (24 Mar 2014 : 08:07)
Mon Apr 07 2014, 07:35am
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Location: Birmingham, UK
Again Sorry to pick up an old thread.

I have looked into this and managed to attach the black clip back onto the winsdreen. My problem now is that the seal (originally the part that didn't fit flush onto the windreen) has come further apart....any suggestions as to why. I have followed the instruction as per previous posts?!
Thu May 29 2014, 05:38am
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Location: Swansea
Raising an old thread but the sound deadening which the water lands on when this seal becomes unseated is soaked through. Just phoned for a price and the two pieces come to £77 which is steep. My question is if I dry them out what could I use to water proof one side of them.
Grumpy GrandPa   
Fri May 30 2014, 02:09pm
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Location: Hull: UK City of Culture 2017
Well NotFrench - that's a proper fix as opposed to mine - which is an empty ovaltine bottle squashed into the gap to force the lower windscreen seal plastic cover up and hold it in position. Having said that, mine has done 150,000 miles and so is more of a workhorse than an shiny, cossetted, exhibition polished car.

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 goldie03uk (31 May 2014 : 15:50)
Fri May 30 2014, 02:39pm
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Joined: Jan 25 2007
Location: Italy
Love it! Hull, I see. Well it must be a regional attitude to fixing things, 'cuz although I'm in Italy, I'm actually from Grimsby.
Only prob I can see with your otherwise excellent fix is that putting the wedge directly over the engine transfers the engine vibration to the scuttle, and makes a heck of a racket. I know because I did it like that at first before moving the wedge to the battery cover, which does not vibrate.
What's all that tortured metal in the front?
Grumpy GrandPa   
Sat May 31 2014, 04:04pm
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Location: Hull: UK City of Culture 2017
Its not tortured metal - it's some kind of insulating fabric covered in a metallic finish - see here - Click Here -
Grumpy GrandPa   
Fri Jun 06 2014, 10:18am
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Location: Hull: UK City of Culture 2017
now properly repaired with a home made supporting strut attached to lower battery plate and scuttle. see pix, looks better than temporary bodge methinks

Thu Oct 30 2014, 04:54am
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Location: Kolozsvár
I think this is the easiest way to fix it at least temporary.

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 leaphtc (11 Jan 2015 : 13:03)
Sun Jan 11 2015, 01:06pm
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Location: England
Adnan wrote ...

I think this is the easiest way to fix it at least temporary.

How did you get on with the fix? has it stayed in place since then?

My temp fix.

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