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C4 1.6 (Cool) Coupe 20,000 miles up

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Sun Apr 05 2009, 01:15am
Scary....very very scary. I am doing more miles and it is coming outta my pocket and only been 17 months....sigh...don't buy a new car if you like money.

Nothing gone wrong and been 100% reliable. Starts almost first time!!!!every time!!!!

Oil level level went low so had to top up. [%*^#@!] door rattle...gonna get that fixed under warranty.

Seems to not pickup as I like....just a millisecond lag...

The clutch seems fragile and the long shift gearchange is slowly driving me up the wall too.

I don't think my car is as easy to drive as I would have wished which takes the shine off a little.

But 20,000 miles with nothing to report means 10 out of 10 for the C4 on the getting me from a to b front.
Sun Apr 05 2009, 01:53am

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Fuel costs are on the rise again as well, nice to hear that it's been 100% reliable

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