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Facelift version of the C4 'By Loeb'

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Sat Apr 04 2009, 09:38am

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Joined: Aug 07 2006
Location: Northumberland
For you Loeb lovers this is the Citroen Press release for the new Loeb.

Now I thought that the initial tranche were 'limited' in number, but it seems Citroen have a different idea of what 'Limited Edition' means


CITROËN's popular C4 Coupe has been given the WRC treatment for a new limited, special edition. The CITROËN C4 ‘by Loeb’, named after the world’s most successful rally driver ever - Sebastien Loeb - features sporty new interior and exterior designing, dynamic body colours and a well specified equipment list. Each limited edition will also be tagged with a unique serial number plaque mounted in the cabin.

Available in either Sport Red or Black, the racy new CITROËN C4 ‘by Loeb’ features Sébastien Loeb’s signature on the doors, a unique ‘by Loeb’ sticker on the tailgate and door mirrors finished in either red, or black with aluminium-effect. Completing the car’s sporty style, the CITROËN C4 ‘by Loeb’ is fitted with a sleek spoiler and dynamic 17” alloy wheels coloured in either white or black depending on the body colour.

Inside the car’s sporty personality continues with steel décor around the central air vents and aluminium finishes on both the pedals and gear knob. The leather steering wheel and gear lever are complemented by smart red stitching and the sports seats are finished in black and red ‘3D X-ray’ mesh cloth. There are also floor mats with red surrounds detailed with a unique ‘by Loeb’ design.

For comfort, convenience, and safety the CITROËN C4 ‘by Loeb’ is kitted out with air conditioning, automatic rain-sensitive windscreen wipers, automatic headlights, electrochrome rear view mirror, MP3 compatible CD player and Citroën’s innovative fixed-centred controls steering wheel. The C4 is one of the safest vehicles on the road today with six airbags, ABS with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD), cruise control with speed limiter and ESP with traction control1.

Combining punchy performance with fuel economy and low CO2 emissions, the CITROËN C4 ‘by Loeb’ can offer a frugal combined 62.8mpg with the 1.6HDi 16V 110hp, or an impressive 0-62mph in just 8.4 seconds with the 1.6i 16V THP 150hp.

Sat Apr 04 2009, 12:22pm
Just a shame that with Seb's recent and current form that Citroen won't even put the 175bho powerplant in the C4 let alone the 225bhp.
Sat Apr 04 2009, 12:27pm

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Joined: Jan 10 2007
Location: Derby, England
wonder how much the loeb transfer is?
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Sat Apr 04 2009, 01:46pm
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Sizes available in the new 2009 C4 By Loeb range...
1.6 VTi 120 BV5 [Petrol]
1.6 THP 150 BV6 [Petrol]
1.6 HDI 110 FAP BMP6 [Diesel]

The new 1.6 THP 150 BV6 Petrol motor from BMW that Citroen / Peugeot [PSA] are now using, the same unit that is in the new BMW Mini Cooper S is, though only 150bhp as std, is a far better unit delivering more torque and more importantly more tuneable.

& if its being used in the new BMW Mini Cooper S then there will be tons of tuning stuff out for it soon
Sat Apr 04 2009, 03:01pm

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Location: Manchester
Just annoying only the 150THP is in the range right now. Hopefully they do what peugeot did and release the 175 in 12 - 18 months. Or even the 225 version. The 150 just isn't good enough a remap only just has it sitting at similar figures to the 175. Yet a remap on the 175 puts it close to 220hp.

Shame really as the 1.6 THP is quite a light car. Similar weight to the 207 GTI. Which means it would perform similarly. Have a feeling Citroen are going to start putting the good engines in the next DS models though.

I would feel it was a bit of a downgrade moving to a 150 VTS now. Especially when mine puts nearly 200hp down.
Mon May 11 2009, 10:34am

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Location: Northumberland
OK now got the specifications for download here - Click Here -

The Black has Black wheels this time

And the Red has White ones again

There are only 3 engine variants, 2 petrol and 1 HDi

Mon May 11 2009, 11:23am
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Joined: Feb 21 2009
Location: Manchester
1.6 thp has 6 speed box at least thats a start! why is it citroen always go half hearted on the box my xsara vts was needing a 6th and tbh the c4 would be much better/nicer to drive a no. 6 cog

Cheers Simon
Mon May 11 2009, 01:52pm

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Location: Bristol
Interesting to see the figures there as I've never really taken much notice, but the 150THP is only 0.1 sec slower than the book figures for the 180VTS...

1000m sprint aint that far off either 29.5 secs v 28.9 for the VTS
Mon May 11 2009, 03:14pm

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Joined: Aug 12 2006
Location: Manchester
Weight of the 150 that has helped it. 1277kg versus 1337kg of the 180.

But the book figures of the 180 are rather odd anyway. The 307 180 was heavier yet did a lower 0-60 than the C4 180 with the same gearing / engine etc. I honestly think it is purely down to Peugeot needing to have their cars look faster. Which is why the C4 wont get the 175 engine.
Tue May 12 2009, 02:13am

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Joined: Jan 29 2007
Location: Bristol
Granted, any book figures have to be taken with a pinch of salt. I sometimes wonder that the 180 is certainly more spirited than the book suggests.

Another thing the above images have highlighted (again not something I've taken that much notice of) is the profile of the bonnet and how hunched up at the front it looks with the extra height added...
Tue May 12 2009, 03:01am

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Joined: Aug 07 2006
Location: Northumberland
Those 'White' Alloys are growing on me as well. Much better than the old white version of the Reslofens.

The new black wheels of the C3 Picaso would look good on the black version after seeing them 'in the metal' at the weekend. There actually gloss black with polished alloy and look far better than the images suggest

This image gives a good indication of them (apologies for the car itself though):

And on a black car:

Mon Sep 21 2009, 10:59am
I saw a black facelift Loeb in Citroen London West the other day. Very nice, especially the thought of never having to clean brake dust of the wheels!
Mon Sep 21 2009, 12:23pm
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Location: Portsmouth, UK
jeremytaylor wrote ...

I saw a black facelift Loeb in Citroen London West the other day. Very nice, especially the thought of never having to clean brake dust of the wheels!

I saw a loeb kicking around Waterlooville a while back advertising Yeomans Citroen. Does look good!
Tue Sep 22 2009, 03:31am
i want one. all i need now is a win on the lottery and i needn't worry bout insurance or petrol prices.
C4 KEV   
Fri Sep 25 2009, 01:32pm
I've seent he new Loeb in Black at our local Dealers (120 BHP Version) in Black & i really like the look of it.

Ideally i'd want the 150 6 speed which i can get for around £12K, does anyone know if the 150 has any "extras" over & above the 120?? ie a nicer exhaust,climate etc.

I still like my current '08 Plate red Loeb but px price is doing well & Citroen are offering a 2 payments reduction off my settlement if i buy another new Citroen.
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