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C4 Alloy Wheel Centre caps

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Sun Aug 02 2009, 03:01am
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Joined: Oct 22 2007
Location: Northants
All 4 of my VTR+ centre caps were stolen from my car last night - really annoying. The one night I leave my car on the street and that happens.
Sun Aug 02 2009, 03:15am
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Joined: Mar 03 2008
Location: heronridge nottingham
Got a set of these going spare in the garage if it just pm me

Sun Aug 02 2009, 03:20am

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Joined: Jan 22 2007
Location: Hoylake
DropThePuck wrote ...
All 4 of my VTR+ centre caps were stolen from my car last night - really annoying. The one night I leave my car on the street and that happens.

Sorry to hear that. All the best.

See this thread for part numbers &c. - Click Here -
Sun Aug 02 2009, 04:10am
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Joined: Oct 22 2007
Location: Northants
Thanks for your help and "condolences". I know I have been quiet on here for a while for one reason or another, but when this happened I did remember my friends on the forum who would offer me a hand to hold onto

Mine are like the ones pictured in the very first post. It is more frustarting than anything and you feel violated! I did call the police just in case there were other reports of similar thefts last night. Surprisingly, they were very interested saying there was quite a market for these. They have asked me to put the car in the garage to preserve prints on the alloys. Hopefully, it won't be a case of in two weeks time I still have not driven the car!

I have seen some on eBay that have come off a C2 Loeb which look the same and the description says they will fit a C4 VTR+, but I don't know. Please don't all outbid me when the auction ends next week Failing that, it's off to Citroen.
Sun Aug 02 2009, 01:04pm
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Joined: Oct 22 2007
Location: Northants
Amazingly enough the police came around to the house to take prints. Unfortunately, we were half way to London at the time and the C4 was in the garage. She said she will be back tomorrow.
Tue Sep 15 2009, 02:17pm
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Joined: Oct 22 2007
Location: Northants
Quick update on this. The police phoned me last Friday and came around to the house tonight to return my centre caps, so a big thank you to Thames Valley Police.

Two people have been prosecuted. They had thousands of hub caps and centre caps that they were selling through eBay.

I am absolutely stunned that they have been returned to me.
Tue Sep 15 2009, 02:35pm

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Joined: Nov 05 2008
Location: Bracknell
Well thats certainly good to hear! Nice to see a result.
Tue Sep 15 2009, 03:34pm

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Joined: Jan 10 2007
Location: Derby, England
i've notice a C4 hatchback near me has had them pinched
Tue Sep 15 2009, 05:50pm
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Joined: Oct 03 2008
Location: Portsmouth, UK
Stealing of the centre caps seems to be a common problem these days it seems.
Tue Sep 15 2009, 06:03pm
have to say tho, i didnt notice this thread and bid 4 quid on ebay for a set of 4. ended up selling at £42.90. thats mental. well i think it is anyway. hopefully the thefts will stop, i may take mine off when leaving my car out the garage.

Wed Sep 16 2009, 01:06am
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Joined: Oct 22 2007
Location: Northants
I, too, noticed eBay sales of the VTR+ centre caps. They supposedly "sold" for well beyond the odds. Strangely enough I received emails 4 weeks in a row that the same item had been relisted.

As for my centre caps, before I put them back on I am thinking of engraving "stolen from" and my license plate number on the back. According to the police the leader of the gang who stole mine is awaiting a prison sentence, so was most probably involved in other crime. The only reason he was caught was because he was driving around in a stolen car with unusual markings (and seen to be stealing it earlier in the day). The police followed him home, arrested him for car theft and then found the stash of hub caps and centre caps which he said he had bought! Evidently not a very smart crook!
Wed Mar 21 2012, 06:44pm
Just had all four of my centre caps stolen. Does anyone know where I can get a new set cheaply? I've tried ebay for some new ones and mine but know luck.

Thu Mar 22 2012, 01:43am

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Joined: Aug 07 2006
Location: Northumberland
It's eBay or a dealers I'm afraid.
Wed Apr 18 2012, 07:51am
congratulations Robbie for getting the pics posted. I think I may have a go at my wheels this weekend they look cool.
Mon Sep 24 2012, 09:22am
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Joined: Mar 06 2012
Location: Finland
Old thread - adding helpful pictures.

Refurbishing resolfen center caps?
The centers come easily off with a little help from coctail sticks. Lever the plastic clips carefully with a small flatblade and work the picks in gently.
As seen in the picture, there is no need to force the outermost clips at this stage!
Once you have the black center part off, you will see what needs to be done next.

..."then" I simply taped the wings to some cardboard and painted them.

PS: You can eat the cheese first.
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