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One month on, VTS HDi

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Thu Feb 12 2009, 02:27pm
Well its been an interesting and kind of stressful month to be honest. I just cant believe the amount of things that have gone wrong with the car considering it has only 25k miles on the clock. I still like the the car, the way it looks and the way it drives but the amount of problems are just starting to work their way into my happy place

This is a list of everything that has gone wrong

1. Front headlight stopped working - An earth problem I was told

2. Passenger door dropping down and not closing properly - Citroen adjusted hinges

3. Passenger door central locking does not sometimes open - Not yet fixed

4. Plastic around steering wheel broken - Replaced

5. Drivers side dual climate stuck on hot - Not yet fixed waiting for part

6. Automatic windscreen wipers not working - Citroen checked operation of these and couldn't find a fault. I explained that I have never seen them work in pouring rain, but still told nothing was wrong with them.

7. Side rear window demister not working - Citroen have told me its working but not quite sure what they mean as when car is steamy the rear one works fine but the side does nothing

8. And the big one! Around the panoramic glass roof there is a rubber sill glued to the edge of the glass. Its come loose nearly all the way round. When I bought the car I said I wanted it fixed and was told it would be sorted. When I picked the car up it had been bodged with some super glue but didn't look too bad so left it. It all came loose again and because of the ice and it sticking to the boot lid it had ripped. Took it back today and the price to replace this little rubber trim, £1300 yes I didn't type it wrong £1300!!!! Apparently the whole roof has to come out. They told me they are not sure if they will be picking up the bill and therefore need to contact Citroen UK. I wait to hear the out come, but not pleased. They haven't asked me to contribute yet but I got a feeling its coming!

So all those things plus the most annoying rattles on the inside, and badly fitted body parts and bad MPG (32mpg light driving 50 50 mix motorway town) i'ts ok My head hasn't exploded yet but its close
Thu Feb 12 2009, 02:30pm
The side windows are demisters its an ariel if I remember right....
Thu Feb 12 2009, 02:32pm

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Joined: Aug 12 2006
Location: Manchester
Have to laugh at 7, sorry mate that isn't a demister. That is the 2nd aerial for the radio. Dealer should have told you that.

6. The wipers can be a bit odd if you are stopped at lights they wont come on. Remember that you have to activate them everytime you get into the car by pushing the stalk down. If it doesn't wipe knock it down and it should come on. Normally they can overly wipe and go mental at a minor bit of rain.

Thu Feb 12 2009, 02:48pm
I have to say, after owning my 55 plate for 9 months, the only fault ive had is the xenon lights.

I seem to have got off lightly compared to some peoples problems.

Good luck with fixing them all.
Thu Feb 12 2009, 02:54pm
Lol they could of told me that! They didnt even know what it was then He said it demists fine. Why would it have 2 aerials?

The auto wipers dont come on, at all! I was going down the motorway the other day it was raining hard and I had to chicken out and put them on as I couldnt see anything. They came on once when I first got the car and there was thick ice on the sensor. Its a right pain as its the second time I took it back for the wipers and they keep telling me there working. THERE NOT THERE NOT, I shall be screaming at them next time Im going to wait till it rains next turn them on and take it down there and make them drive it, and not let them touch the wiper stalk see how far they get then!
Thu Feb 12 2009, 03:06pm

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Location: Manchester
Just has 2 aerials so you get a better signal.

My picasso only has 2 of them on each side window no roof mounted one at all. Where as my coupe only has the 1 and a roof mounted aerial. Although I got rid of the huge one and got a shorty aerial from the dealer only £4 so why not?
Thu Feb 12 2009, 03:11pm
i have to remind my dad when he borrows it ho to put the auto wipers on by taping the stick down first.
32 is bad i would get them to look at possibly egr valve even 50/50 you should see just under 40 -45 mpg. so something is not happy some where.
Thu Feb 12 2009, 03:13pm

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Joined: Aug 12 2006
Location: Manchester
Have to agree with the MPG bit. 32 is pretty bad I can get that out of my Petrol 180.
Thu Feb 12 2009, 03:19pm
I know I was hoping for at least 40mpg. Would the engine still be a bit tight if the previous owner drove the car very lightly? its only just hit 26k miles?

Its a bit of a pain keep having to turn them on everytime! I used to have a 206 gti where you would just put the stalk up once for auto and thats where it stayed!
Thu Feb 12 2009, 03:21pm

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Joined: Aug 12 2006
Location: Manchester
You can get the stalk control changed I believe in the dealer software. Have to ask the dealer sure Phil said he had changed his so that down was single wipe and up once was auto.
Thu Feb 12 2009, 03:22pm

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Location: Derby, England
Ouch 32 mpg is bad, like Tom said, 180's can acheive that!!
Thu Feb 12 2009, 03:24pm

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It's very easy to test the wipers. Push down for auto, and there'll be one wipe. Get some water and pour it all over the centre top of the screen.

You'll soon find out if they're working.

Mine are OK - occasionally go a bit mad, occasionally seem to forget until the last moment when it's very light rain, but generally it's switch on and forget. Overtake a truck sending up spray and they go into top gear, then slow down after passing.
Thu Feb 12 2009, 03:34pm
I wish mine did that!
Thu Feb 12 2009, 03:57pm

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Location: Manchester
Sure there was a guide on here on how to reset the auto wipers. Just not finding it with my searches.
Fri Feb 13 2009, 02:56pm
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Location: Stoke-on-Trent
BigJohnD wrote ...

Mine are OK - occasionally go a bit mad, occasionally seem to forget until the last moment when it's very light rain, but generally it's switch on and forget. Overtake a truck sending up spray and they go into top gear, then slow down after passing.

They are seem to have a mind of their own, they either work like they are on intermittant or then go to mentle monsoon mode.

The worst is at this time of year, the very fine misty spray that lingers in the air makes them go nuts and because the inside of the screen is warm, the wipers smear the screen and within one wipe the salty mist has dried and it looks like your squinting through a white sheet.

My last car (a Nissan Micra) had rain sensitive wipers, BUT the sensitivity could be changed. They were a million miles better than the C4 system.

Looks like a good idea ruined.
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