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Important, Please read if looking at modifying your car in anyway

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Wed Dec 31 2008, 05:19am

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Please Note: ANY mods on a car under warranty are liable to completely invalidate it.

Citroen are getting very hard towards warranty claims in the current climate

Any engine mod that affects engine output will in their eyes subject the power train to higher forces than it was designed for

Any suspension lowering means that the drive shafts run at a different angle than designed for so could cause gearbox stress

Fitting an aftermarket Head unit and amplifier could be deemed to be overloading the electrical system

I'm not saying that modifying isn't a good idea (I have done some of the above), but just be aware of the warranty risk

You should also inform your Insurance Company of any changes to your car from standard as again any accident/theft claim could be declined or worse, your Insurance Invalidated (that's one of the reasons for the C4owners Insurance Scheme via Chris Knott as they are specialists in modified cars

C4owners.org or any of the Admin Team, does not condone the withholding of relevant information from Citroen or any Insurance Company. Whilst we will help anyone to achieve their aims, it is on the basis of full disclosure and at the individual members own risk.

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