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My modified C4 from Slovenia

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Fri Oct 17 2008, 04:32am
Hey everyone, I'm a proud owner of a C4 coupe 1.6 petrol and i'm from Slovenia. I came across this forum when i was searching for some answers on google. Since our C4 comunity in Slo is really small i actually dont have anyone to bug with my questions. Hopefully i woun't be to much of a pain in the ass and i'll try to get my answers through the search option before laying it out in any of the topics.

So far i made 3 changes on my car but i'll be more active this winter. I've fitted a roof spoiler on it, installed BMC CDA and had a lot problems with it. Lucky for me i found someone that made a custom pipe for me.

I also fitted 17" AEZ Bimo rims on it wich i'll be changing soon. I'm looking for 18" rims but sadly i dont have a lot of options with the 4x108 bolts (bed sides of a country with only 2 mio ppl in it). So i'm looking in countrys arround me for a good deal.

Another plan i have is to change the exauhst, get rid of the cat, and change the manifolds. I'm waiting if Supersprint ITL will make me a custom kit but if they wount i'll be looking for another option. So if any of you have any ideas what and where to buy ( shipping to other countrys needs to be possible :P ) let me know.

I'm gonna link the pic of my car from our citroen tuning slovenia page and a few others, since i dont have any on the computer at my work. I'll update it once i get home.

I'll probably open a topic in the garage part where i'll be bugging you with my issues and stuff i've done.

Damn... a bit to many links i bet. (Edited by Admin - pictures now visible in post)

Well that's it for now.
Fri Oct 17 2008, 05:36am
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Hi Jasa and welcome!

Nice looking car........have you thought about lowering the suspension instead of getting 18'' rims......will make the existing wheels fill the arch better and will be a hell of a lot cheaper..........18'' tyres cost an arm and a leg!

Fri Oct 17 2008, 05:54am
Hehe i thought about it but the thing is that these rims have a dubble edge and becouse of that it's like a optical illusion... they actually look like 16".

There's another problem with lowering the suspension, I can't find anyone in Slovenia that could lower it for more than 35mm. So i could lower it for 35mm max with eibach springs but that would cost me 280€ ( 215 pounds ).
I considered also Musketier Gewinde springs since they're adjustable from 35-70 mm but that would cost me almost 900€.

If i add the 280€ to the cash i'll get for my rims i'll probably have enough to get 18" ones. Lucky for me i got enough time before spring comes to decide what to do.

I got another question regarding my BMC CDA. I want to clean and oil it up but i cant take it appart no matter what i do. Seems like the thing is glued together and bolted. Did anyone here have the same problem? The cleaning itself wouldn't be a problem but the oiling will be hard since i don't have enough room for maneuvering.
Fri Oct 17 2008, 06:39am
Thanks for the links! I hope i'll be able to negotiate the shipping also since through ebay that isnt possible. The price is alot cheaper than most decent springs i found in the german ebay or in slovenias adds.

I'll look in to it
Fri Oct 17 2008, 09:25am

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welcome to the forums.
18" tyres arent to bad in price ive got Yokohama (215/40/18)prada spec 2's and anre around £105 a corner
Wed Oct 29 2008, 08:14am
Hey everyone, i have another question. I've been searching these forums for any answers to my problem but so far I'm at a dead end.

I'm trying to find a performance exhaust manifold but it seems that no one can sell or manufacture it for me ( tried in Slovenia, some Italian manufacturers and a few German).

I saw that someone said the saxo VTS has the same engine as the C4 1.6 L (petrol). Since i found a racing system from SuperSprint for Saxo VTS i thought the saga was finally over. But it looks like that wouldn't happen so soon. Apparently the manifold made for Saxo wouldn't be a good solution to my problem. Supersprint wouldnt sell me the whole kit or the manifold.

My plan was to get a performance manifold custom made pipes and Magnaflow muffler ( since i can homologate the magnaflow muffler which means the car should be road legal and will pass all the checkups needed before requesting it).

But the problem is getting a manifold for a C4. When and if i find one (4-2-1) I'll find out weather they'll want to ship it to me.

I also came across an idea that the C2 VTS engine could be the same as C4's. A Lot of exhaust kits are available for the C2.

Can anyone here confirm these fact for sure? Any other idea about fixing this problem would be very welcome.

I already have a BMC CDA and I'm planing to do a remap after i solve the exhaust issue. So it's a bit frustrating

P.S. Sorry if my grammar sucks...
Wed Oct 29 2008, 08:34am

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The 1.6's are all the exact same engine. While the VTS cars have slightly tuned examples hence the extra 10 - 15hp.

While the manifold may fit you will likely need some new sections added due to the legth the exhaust has to travel in comparison with the smaller saxo so a complete system is fairly pointless.

Uprated manifold "Should" fit on the actually head. However you are likely to need to get some sections of the exhaust custom made for it to join to the rest of the system.
Wed Oct 29 2008, 08:57am
I thought the C2 VTS 125bhp engine was quite diffrent to the 1.6 110 version that the C4's use?!

Saying that the C2 VTR/GT etc... use the same 110bhp engine that the C4 does i beleive (i maybe wrong) if it is they do an aftermarket one for that i think, so would that not fit?

I dont know though i'm not that great at stuff like that tbh!

Wed Oct 29 2008, 09:20am
I'm looking at a racing system from Supersprint that i can buy from a dealer in Slovenia, but they dont want to try it on... dont ask me why, obviously they dont need my cash. So when and if i get the info that the manifold would fit i'll buy it and i'll do the custom pipes myself.
Wed Oct 29 2008, 09:59am
I got another information just now.

C4 engine model: TU5 JP4 109 PS (108 hp/80 kW) 16-valve catalyst
Saxo VTS engine model: TU5 JP4 S 122 PS (120 hp/90 kW) 16-valve catalyst

And a wiki quote :

"The TU5 has a displacement of 1587 cc, with a bore of 78.5 mm and a stroke of 82 mm. It was initially available in 8- and 16-valve configuration, but only the DOHC 16V option remains. Power is 109 PS (80 kW) in most current applications, the same as the DV6 1.6 L Diesel engine, although a sporty 122 PS (90 kW) is used to power the Citroën C2 VTS. The TU5 has been used in motorsports by both Citroën and Peugeot."

Tho a official conformation from any citroen expert would come in handy
Wed Oct 29 2008, 12:08pm

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Engines are the same. Same block etc. There are a few changes most notably the cams are different which is part of the reason why the 120hp versions rev higher due to the power band being shifted further up.

Just like the 1.4 TU block is the same and manifolds for the 1.6 fit the 1.4 TU as well. Which the C4 does not use.

Like the 2.0 blocks the intake manifolds and exhaust manifolds form the 180 bolt straight on to the 138. However the 180 block is massively different to the 138 in other areas. Cams, pistons rods, and the cylinder head are different.
Wed Oct 29 2008, 01:24pm
Welcome to the forum jasa i like waht youve done to your induction
Fri Oct 31 2008, 08:38am
I decided to clean my BMC 2 days ago and since i couldnt find any procedure about how it's supposed to be done I took some pictures and i'll be explaining the stepps i took. Since it could be heplfull for some i hope others wount mind the topic polution with this nonsence

Since I allready posted the pictures showing how my installed BMC looks like i'll post the disassembling, cleaning, oiling and assembling the BMC.

Once i took everything apart and brought the parts back home mx BMC looks like this. The upper part is the engine side and the lower part has a shotr bent pipe that is facing the back of my car. Since the intake pipe is lower than the engine, and i dont have any plastic protection beneathe the car i turned it twords the back of my car so i don't get water, botanic parts and insect stuff in there. The main thing is it's sucking air that has the same temperature as the air outside the car.

After taking off all the pipes, holders, couplings you need to unscrew every single srew you see. I forgot to check if it has any at all or if it's glued together before i installed mine and sadly the internet didnt give me any answers. Well now i know that probably all BMC CDAs are screwed together.

Taking it apart isn't a problem at all..

Cleaning kit costed me 25€ with the shipping

If anyone decides to clean it under flowing water i'd advise him to do the folowing:
wash it with warm water and pour the water only on the outer side of the filter ( since outer side is actually the one on the engine side. You'll want to push the dirt out intake side, since any other way could jam the dirt even further in the filter ). After the first wash, our on the filter the detergent and leave it to soak for cca 10 min. If you pour it on the top of the filter, the filter will soak it up shortly all over the surface. So you dont waste the whole detergent in 2 cleanings. Same goes for aplying the oil. After 10 min wash the filter a few times under warm water ( i kept washing it till i didnt see anymore dirt, dust or other unwated stuff falling out ). I left the filter to dry on it's own during the night. In the morning i Began the oiing procedure.

Oiling the upper part and leaving it for cac 15 or 20 min to see when the soaking stopped and reaplyed more oil where that was neccessary.

Here's some pictures of the parts from my kit

(all of this commes with the bmc kit)

This pipe was custom made since i had some problems finding the right place to fit the bmc. And since the pipe needed to be bent on 3 places i had 2 choices. first the aluminium/carton ones you get in the kit, buy 3 streight ones and 3 90 degree hoes and play puzzles or make a costum pipe bent at the right places with a support bar that was mounted to the engine. I went for the last option after trying first two Because of the weaight and lenght of the costum pipe, we needed a support bar mounted to the engine.

The last part i'll be hastling you all with is the actuall fiting the bmc in my C4.

This is how my engine looks like when all the original parts that are connected to the airbox are removed.

Here's a picture from the side where we fitted the BMC and a picture once the filter was fitted.

The rest of the assembling was not documented since it took 4 minutes and the pictures from my first post actually shows how it looks assembled.

Well that's all for now, hope some of the information was usfull or at least entertaining. I'll be updating the topic once i get my hands on the exhaust.

Sat Jan 10 2009, 08:34am
Got a question for the admins, could you move this topic to the garage section?

I'll try to find some time to find some pics and organize them together. Dont want to be poluting the introduction section with stuff that dont belong here
Sat Jan 10 2009, 08:59am

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Sadly we can only move entire threads, not individual postings.

I do like the way you lay the kit out on the soft furniture and the lace table cloth. I'd get hanged, drawn and quartered if I did that!
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