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My Petrol Gauge has lost the plot? (LPG Conversion Installed)

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Military C4   
Sat Oct 18 2008, 04:21pm
I saw this topic and it reminded me of my fuel gauge problem, was really annoying. Whenever I filled it up, the gauge would still have a 'line' unfilled, and would only fill if I really carrie don after the normal clicks at the pump, right up until the risk of overflow..

I took it into Citroen eventually and had it re-callibrated..
David El   
Mon Oct 20 2008, 07:32am
So no easy way to get the car just to re measure the petrol guage when it's turned on and display it rather than comparing it to when it was turned off and THEN measuring it?
Mon Oct 20 2008, 08:32am
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If the car is set up so that upon startup it checks how much fuel is in the tank, and how much fuel it thinks should be in the tank and if it's different then it resets the gauge.

Does that not mean it should always be recording the fuel level accurately except during actual driving, which you don't need because you have LPG gauge for that.

So the reset on fill up must not be happening the way we think it does, otherwise every time you started the car the gauge would be accurate following a reset (what you want) so...

...i'm confused
Sat Dec 10 2011, 11:14am
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It has been very long time, but i know how to solve this problem. There is a modul called "psa modul" which resets fuel gauge when the car started. Petrol gauge decreases when you are driving but i comes to where real is when you stop and start car again.

BRC is selling this module.
Sat Dec 10 2011, 12:54pm

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