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Which bulbs do you use?

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Thu Jan 22 2009, 02:18pm
Can you please post a pic of your Philips Blue Vision W5W sidelights Jacippit.

Im looking for some non- LED bulbs for my C4, are they any good?

Thu Jan 22 2009, 04:10pm
Ok folks heres pictures of the Philips blue vision in both the coupe and the picasso. Please note there are slightly more yellow than they appear here but still whiter than normal bulbs.

Fri Jan 23 2009, 09:43am

Ill be getting some!

Fri Jan 23 2009, 10:50am

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Mine look a lot more yellow than that. But I think the white of the xenons makes it stand out more.
Fri Jan 23 2009, 02:24pm
Has to be said on their own they are whiter than standard bulbs, but against the power-xtreme bulbs they are a little yellow.
Fri Jan 23 2009, 04:08pm
Hmm i noticed this on mine also but they do look awesome
Sat Jan 24 2009, 03:16am
I just remembered that I've got 2 of the Osram Xenon sidelights somewhere.
I'll throw 'em in today and see if they look as good as those amazing Philips ones you've got Jacippit.
Thu May 19 2011, 05:57am
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As I mentioned elsewhere, I'm in the process of changing my bog-standard front lights to ice-blue ones from Redline.com. All are legal 55W. They really are an improvement, and cheap too. I kept the originals, so if the blue sidelights are a potential failure on MoT, I can always change back to the originals.

If anyones interested, I'll put the original "yellow" bulbs back in one side and leave the ice-blues in the other. Final note: Yes, the bulbs are blue, and no, the light given off is an intense WHITE light (6500K). I really like 'em.
Mon Jul 11 2011, 07:37am
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Jacippit wrote ...

The 100w bulbs do have to be used with caution as standard 55w bulbs will use 9.2 amps and the 100w bulbs draw 16.7 (based on 12v), so depending on the rating of the fuse depends if you can do this. In practise though with the car maintaining at least 13.5volts you will see 14.8amps ......

There appears to be a basic error with your ohms law here.....since bulbs are resistive devices they will have constant resistance which will mean the power will vary with voltage (why bulbs get dimmer as batteries die). The actual resistance will depend on what voltage the power rating is based. Lets say its nominal 12V the yes the current drawn will be 16.7A (for two bulbs). This gives a total resistance of 0.7186 Ohms. Therefore with 13.5V the current will be (V/R) = 18.787A not the 14.8A quoted. This means that at 13.5V the power will be (V * I) = 126.8W for each bulb. These calculations are only approximate to get accurate figures you will need the full specs for the bulb including what voltage the manufacturer has used to determine the power rating.

In conclusion it can be seen that the more charge on the battery and the better its condition the more likley you are to draw excessive current. This is also why the battery charging circuit has a regulator it helps maintain a constant voltage to prevent excessive currents being drawn. If the current drawn is too high it can cause overheating of the cables and lead to fire risk, changing fuse ratings only may not be sufficient, it depends how much tolerance there is in the cable sizes/ratings used.

Hope this helps clarify the point.
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