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Our new C4 Hatchback 1.6 HDi 110 w/ EGS, etc.

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Thu Sep 25 2008, 01:13pm
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Joined: Dec 31 2007
Location: Krakow, Poland
I've decided I would start a new thread in which to record my thoughts on the new car and get feedback from others.

First, let me say that it's still not here yet. This thread is where I will be noting my experiences with purchasing and registering the C4 here in Krakow, Poland. Perhaps other ex-pats can learn from my experiences. I also intend to issue regular reviews on my experiences to date with, basically, everything concerning the new car.

So, anyway, it's still not here. We originally were interested in placing the order for the new C4 at the end of April or beginning of May. We were rebuffed by the Piotrkow Trybunalski Citroen dealership we'd chosen to work with. They advised us that Citroen wasn't accepting any orders at that time for the C4. We confirmed that another, more local dealership was in the same boat. After much going back and forth and talking to Citroen Polska we were allowed to place our order. At the time, Citroen Polska told P-T dealership that this was a special, one-off allowance. The order was officially placed on June 12. We were told to expect the car "at the end of August or beginning of September."

In mid-August we started calling the dealership wondering about the order. We were told that Citroen Polska hadn't told them much but that shipments would start at the very end of August. In the first week of September we started to grow a bit concerned as we had holiday plans for the 12th (my b-day). The dealership told us that Citroen still couldn't tell them anything other than the car was in transit. The 12th came and went. We were told then that it would be here between the 15th and the 20th. On the 20th we were told that it would "definitely" be here this week. Now, on the 26th, we have been told that it will "definitely" arrive on the 29th. This is within a 21 day grace period (to expire October 3rd) that the dealership informed as that they/Citroen has before we would be able to ask for a full refund.

While the dealership has been, as far as I can tell, faultless in this transaction, Citroen and/or Citroen Polska has not. We now have very serious reservations about special ordering another Citroen (next time it would be a C5 Exclusive). The repeatedly broken promises and missed dates have caused no end of havoc on our lives, not to mention the absurd amount of time it has taken for Citroen to allow the order and to finally (theoretically) deliver it - five months in all.

While we have written a formal complaint to Citroen and to the dealership (which they forwarded on to Citroen) we've heard nothing back. This sort of thing does not inspire confidence in Citroen, nor their products much less their ability to deliver their product. However, our sales person informs us that they are in negotiation with Citroen with regards to compensation for the various missed delivery dates and broken promises. The salesperson has been made aware of how thoroughly irritated we are that it has come so close to the end of the 21 day grace period and how disappointed we are with the lack of communication from Citroen.

Next big set of thoughts to be on Tuesday or Wednesday. IF the car arrives as promised (not holding my breath though) the dealership is to send us some inspection paperwork with the VIN so that the bank can finalize the loan and generate some additional paperwork which will allow us to register the car with the local government, get license plates and then, last but not least, start the insurance on the car. At that point we will be allowed to visit the dealership and take possession of the car. Finally, I will put a C4Owners.org sticker on it and, if plans aren't ruined again, drive it with my wife to, roughly, Venice, Italy.
Thu Sep 25 2008, 02:44pm
That doesnt sound too good! I hope you get it soon. Like yourself, i have a C4 (VTR+ coupe) on order and although i haven't had it on order as long as you (mine was ordered 14th July) Im still very much in the dark about when I'll get it.

I was told 1st of Sept, then the 12th Sept but i still havnt got it. Im more disapointed with the dealer at the minute bacause every time I've phoned up he has promised to ring me back with more details but he never does! I haven't been given another delivery date yet but I will give it till the end of the month and see if theres been any progress.

Its a bit dissapointing when your given a date and then that date passes. If they had told me i wouldnt get it till October or November then fair enough.

Just hope i dont have to wait as long as you have though!
Kevin Regan   
Thu Sep 25 2008, 05:05pm
Murray, so sorry to hear of all the problems you have had to contend with. Sincerely hope that it doesn't come down to a failure to deliver by Friday week, 3rd October. I do hope that you get the car well before then, with some extras as compensation. More than anything, we have got used to your contributions which are well thought out and enjoyable.
Here's hoping that you don't have too much longer to wait. My guess? Monday, then a mad scramble to get all the paperwork done so you can drive it away before the weekend and get packed for Italy!!
Thu Sep 25 2008, 06:17pm
Sorry to hear that this is still going on Murray, I will keep my fingers crossed that it is with you next week. I still thin it is something to do with the August vacances and facelift re - tooling. Bon chance !
Wed Oct 01 2008, 04:25am
Member No: #1827
Joined: Dec 31 2007
Location: Krakow, Poland
Quick update.

The good news: The car's at the dealership (which I shall be reviewing after finally taking delivery - thanks to Dave for adding the list of Polish dealerships!). It's been inspected and all seems well with it or so says our sales person.

The bad news: Since we're taking a loan to pay off the car, though, the dealership had to overnight us the paperwork. While we had requested - and they had agreed to - "Before Noon" delivery of the paperwork, the dealership sent it out "whenever we dang well feel like it" delivery. My wife is, literally, on her way to intercept the courier at one of his stops, otherwise we'd miss the courier today and not be able to process all of the paperwork needed in order to pick the car up on Saturday.

When my wife called the dealership and spoke to our sales person, the first thing she asked was, "Do you NOT want us to get the car this week?"

It is, honestly, a thoroughly maddening process. Our upcoming holiday is as much to get away from work as it is to get away from the entire process of buying the car.

PS: Just out of idle curiosity, has anyone here ever special-ordered or otherwise dealt with a Subaru, Toyota or Volvo dealership? Being the crazy kids that my wife and I are, we're always thinking about the future, talking about that next car and the Legacy saloon, RAV4 or an S40 are what we're considering. The C5 was (is?) in that list (it's SO good-looking!) but I don't know if I can stand another special-order from Citroen. I'm hoping that Subaru, Toyota or Volvo dealerships are magically lots better but suspect they are only marginally so, if that. I'm nonetheless curious to hear from others to see what they have experienced.
Fri Oct 03 2008, 04:55am
Member No: #1827
Joined: Dec 31 2007
Location: Krakow, Poland
Another quick update: The bank approved our loan yesterday and gave us the "we really do promise to pay, cross our hearts and hope to die, poke a needle in our eye if it's a lie" note where they agree to send a large amount of cash to the dealership. This morning we got the plates, temporary registration paperwork and stickers. The dealership has agreed to release the car to us based on the bank's promise note so we're on schedule to take possession of it tomorrow, around noon.

The dealership and Citroen did agree to compensate us for the delays, broken promises and general aggravation. If anyone is interested, PM me if you want to know how exactly they are comping us. I don't feel it is appropriate to mention it here other than we are pleased with their offer and feel that is fair.

I may try to take a couple of photos with my iPhone when we pick up the car and upload them somewhere. Otherwise gotta wait a day or so because we're driving it straight from the dealership in central Poland to Padova, Italy.
Fri Oct 03 2008, 05:12am
Really pleased to hear your good news - and compensation too - well done ! Hope you have a good drive down to Italy, careful of thoses Italian drivers though. Some photos of the new car would great if you have the time.
Fri Oct 03 2008, 07:36am
Great news, and well done on the compensation. No need for any of us knowing your details, just that you are happy with the deal you are getting.
The long road is almost over for you now, tomorrow you will have a big silly grin same as all of us had when we got ours.
I do look forward to seeing you pics of that sexy black pearl once you take them.

Wishing you many years happy motoring with you new car.
Fri Oct 03 2008, 08:13am
Great News!!!!

And as long as your happy with the compensation, thats all that matters
Sat Oct 04 2008, 05:44am
Im really pleased for you. I dont think the new face lift has helped things, but least you got a bit of compo
Sat Oct 04 2008, 06:23am
Member No: #1827
Joined: Dec 31 2007
Location: Krakow, Poland

Yay! We're off to Parova, Italy in a few hours... Gotta show off the new ride a bit first.
Sat Oct 04 2008, 06:31am
Member No: #4311
Joined: Jun 29 2008
Location: Ardrossan, Scotland
Hurrah!! You'll need to change your signature now!!

Looks nice, and those wheels look easier to clean than the resolfens, got to spend the first day back after Italy giving it a thorough clean!!
Sat Oct 04 2008, 06:55am

Member No: #1
Joined: Aug 07 2006
Location: Northumberland
Hmm...... that does look nice, maybe I'm changing my mind on the new facelifted look
Sat Oct 04 2008, 07:20am
the back end looks different from that 3 quarter shot and i quite like it
Sat Oct 04 2008, 08:08am

Member No: #82
Joined: Jan 22 2007
Location: Hoylake
Very stylish!! I like it.
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