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C4 Rear Wheel Bearing Failure

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Northern Bloke   
Thu Aug 28 2008, 08:15am
Just curious, I have had a n/s wheel bearing fail at 54k miles on a 2005 1.6 SX 5 door.

Any similar failures to report?
Thu Aug 28 2008, 09:38am

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Joined: Jun 16 2007
Location: Stafford
Yes.. quite a common problem.

No rhyme or reason as to what mileage they've been failing at though.

Doing a search on here should be up a few cases.
Thu Aug 28 2008, 12:01pm

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Joined: Jan 10 2007
Location: Derby, England
Dont forget that the bearing isnt made by citroen and will possibly have a knock on with other car manufacturers.
Thu Aug 28 2008, 01:29pm

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Location: Hoylake
The wheel bearing is within the brake disc/handbrake assembly isn't it?

While it's common practice (probably because it makes factory assembly easier and quicker) I've always thought that to be a suspect practice because of the heat in the area, and the consequent increase in the risk of failure.
Northern Bloke   
Sat Sep 13 2008, 08:04am
Does anyone have the hub removal fiche?

I upgraded thinking it might be in the members area - I can see the bearing replacement thread but nothing on getting the hub itself off the car.

Sun Sep 14 2008, 02:58pm

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You'll have give the parts guy your VIN number to ensure your get the right parts - there's several different ones, and seemingly different ones for steel or alloy wheels.

Don't forget to take some photos, too!
Northern Bloke   
Sun Sep 14 2008, 06:00pm
Fortunately the discount parts man is but a mere 10 miles from where I live - which makes a change

I shall take the whole car - and the documentation (when the DVLA finally send it!!!!) so we'll be on the correct hymn sheet -
Sun Oct 12 2008, 02:34am
Just had my NSR bearing replaced on my 110 hdi
Tue Feb 15 2011, 01:09pm
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Location: Shropshire
Does the failing of the wheel bearing have any link to the rear end loosing traction and causing it to oversteer? I've only had my C4 Vtr+ for a month now and finally got the chance to take it for a real drive the other day. However it didn't last long..... I took it out on some country roads as i'm fortunate enough to have Wales on my doorstep. Yes i was pushing it a little bit, but well within its capability the rear end kept on coming out with the traction control flashing crazy at me! I slowed down and the same was still happening! The front end was gripping but the car was tail happy! It should understeer befor it oversteers! I'm just wondering if the bearing has an relation to this or its just the rear wheel alignment that is waaay out...... Any thoughts? Thanks
Tue Feb 15 2011, 02:37pm
From what you describe will result in oversteer and a loose or worn rear wheel bearing will cause it , buy new disks with new bearings fitted with ABS rings but dont delay it will only get worse

Thu Feb 17 2011, 04:51am
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Location: aberdeen
EKnight, re your description of the rear end loosing grip:

This happened from new with me on a 1.6HDi (with traction control etc). The rear suspension design is IMHO susceptible to bump input causing lose of rear grip , and non progressive breakaway. It's a very compact rear suspension, but suspect the camber changes aren't ideal. The issue becomes significantly worse when the car is fully loaded.

Morale of the story is it's not a sportscar and needs to be treated with a little respect. So far as a failing rear wheel bearing contributing to your problem, I'd be looking for either a noisy bearing or detectable 12 oclock/ 6 oclock movement in the wheel, before blaming any handling problems on the wheel bearing. Again IMHO, I'd be looking at the rear suspension rubber mounts if I suspected any rear handling worries. As far as I know, the rear wheel to-in is not adjustable but you can get it checked for £25 or so a s part of 4 wheel wheel alignment check.

So overall, should be easy to discount rear bearings as causing any handling problems

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 Stubblechops (20 Feb 2011 : 07:33)
Sat Feb 19 2011, 02:16pm
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Joined: Dec 28 2010
Location: Shropshire
Thanks for all the tips and info on what it might be! I took it into the garage yesterday and told the mechanics what was happening etc.....

Found out exactly what's wrong with it! The fuel tanks leaking! Apparently when the car was manufactured the fuel tank must have been deformed and weak to a certain extent, so the more fuel i put in the more pressure i put on the walls of the tank, therefore causing it to leek more and more!

It's still in the garage at the moment so i'm not sure if it needs a whole new tank or not. I'll find out on monday if i do. Atleast i know why the back end was slipping out, because it was covered in petrol! But the odd thing is that it didn't smell of fuel. Cheers
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 Dave_Retired. (20 Feb 2011 : 02:04)
Sun Feb 20 2011, 02:04am

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Location: Northumberland
Oh.. that would certainly cause it as fuel on the tyre will cause it to lose grip and is actually dangerous.

I would have a word with Citroen if it appears the tank problems were caused when the car was assembled.

Now you have jogged my memory I seem to remember it used to be an issue years ago on the old minis
Sun Feb 20 2011, 07:32am
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Location: Royal Forest of Dean
I recall the early MiniMetro had a problem with petrol escaping from the fuel filler and getting onto the back right tyre. My grandmother had one, she did spin it but that wasn't the reason.

Back on topic, I had noticed the handing issues gmerry mentioned in his post. It's nice to have the reasons explained like that. I guess I'd better clear my boot out!

Sun Feb 27 2011, 03:42pm
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Joined: Dec 28 2010
Location: Shropshire
Hopefully i will get the car back tomorrow after it being in the garage for over a week now! They first said that it wasn't covered under the warranty due to there being no reason why this was a manufacturing fault. £860 they quoted me for the tank and that's without the instalment.

After 3 days messing around with the garage and a short phone call with citroen head office they agreed to do the job under warranty! So i asked the mechanic how could have this happened?

He had no answer to reply with, apart from that the tank has got no signs of impacts or dents, so had no idea how it happened or what might have caused it! And it had to happen to me right!? Ha! (The exact problem was that the sealing ring that the fuel pump sits on, which is directly on top of the tank was cracked and oval shaped instead of being round)
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