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C4 Coupe (or Hatch) Rear Wiper not working or rear brake light or tailgate lock faulty.

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Wed Oct 26 2011, 12:23pm
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Joined: Sep 23 2009
Location: Spain, Las Palmas
Well, I'll go check tomorrow, even though I spoke to some guys in a Spanish forum and they told me it isn't, its just 4km away from here, so...
But I already started diggin in it... you think they'll say something about that?
trev h   
Wed Oct 26 2011, 03:00pm
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Joined: Sep 11 2009
Location: kent/se london
Have you been into a Citroen dealer & asked, I would have thought a recall was a recall no matter where you live, I've had recall work done on American vehicles in the UK never ever argued about it.
Thu Oct 27 2011, 03:55am

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Location: Hoylake
The recall is by VIN number/date of assembly, not by country, so check with your local dealer.
Thu Oct 27 2011, 07:06pm
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Location: Spain, Las Palmas
Went there today and yes, there is a recall, so theyll change the cables
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 Dave_Retired. (28 Oct 2011 : 01:20)
Fri Nov 04 2011, 07:22am
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Location: Spain, Las Palmas
They just called me, its ready
Wed Nov 16 2011, 08:42am
Hi All,

I'm from the UK and have a 2005 hatchback with 80,000 miles, same fault as detailed above, cracked broken cables in the rubber tube between the body of the car and the boot.

Last month I took it to our local dealer, they confirmed that the 3door's had a recall for this but not the 5 doors.

Spoke to Citroen UK who after 3 days confirmed that they would replace the wiring loom Free of charge!

Result all fixed for free and the dealer even valeted the car! So to anyone else with this problem just phone Citroen and hassle them and they'll do it for you.

Hope this saves someone some money.
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 Dave_Retired. (16 Nov 2011 : 10:05) , ceb83 (17 Nov 2011 : 23:27)
Grumpy GrandPa   
Wed Nov 16 2011, 01:53pm
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Joined: Aug 28 2009
Location: Hull: UK City of Culture 2017
I phoned them. Took the car to dealer. Techie said it was the faulty cable.
CUK refused to do it and so I paid over £330 for my old 55 reg 5 door to be sorted . . . ho hum..
Thu Nov 17 2011, 05:16am
GG - time to get back in contact with Citroen and create merry hell. Quote Tam's experience (might be worth PMing Tam for what method he used on Citroen).
Thu Nov 17 2011, 05:48am
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Location: aberdeen
Dealer confirmed our 2005 Hatch was not covered by recall. Rather than arguing on this, I fixed wiring problem myself by spicing in a new repair section. About £20 in miscellaneous materials plus cost of new flexible rubber boot (not counting some spare automotive wires which I already had) and about 4 hours labour. Obviously I would have been much quicker if I had had a good guide. Now maybe I should have spent 4 hours on telephone/writing emails/letters to achieve the same outcome?

Fri Dec 30 2011, 05:51pm
To all thanks for the above advice just got the dreaded wire fail on the tail end of the car - after 6 yrs years of ownership.

Also repaired same the rubbers were a nightmare to deal with had to cut and silicone.
Thu Feb 02 2012, 07:27am
Hey guys I've read all the posts on this for my rear wiper not working, i have removed the rubber covering of the wires but all are intact 2 thin ones have been taped previously but look perfect. Anything else i can do???
Thu Feb 02 2012, 08:16am
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Location: aberdeen
The wires will be broken further down the loom where you cannot see the damage. Best to cut away completely the rubber boot to inspect for damage.

At this point you will need to sever all the wires to install a new boot but don't cut all the wires at once (splice in repair one wire at a time otherwise you will get in a mess as most of them are the same colour).


Mon Feb 13 2012, 09:22am
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Location: Lincolnshire
Guy's just done a pre-mot check and found high level 3rd brake light (led)not working, checked out the unit and is fine, searched this forum and found an alarming problem, mine has a broken wire inside the rubber boot going through the hatch connection!!, contacted Citroen who said, yes we know about a wiring harness problem but that only affects certain VIN numbers and the tailgate lock.

I am suspicious of this, as ALL but one wire to the rear screen demister, goes through the left hand cable rubber boot, i fail to see how Citroen deduce that nothing else can be affected. I attached a photo of my problem.

As you can see, the main earth cable is suffering along with the completely severed cable which is the led brake lamp unit positive supply. Had this touched the earth cable, it would have blown some fuses, i guess. Any ideas as to why Citroen only think a few vehicles are affected? Mine is 2005 hatch.

Mon Feb 13 2012, 09:29am

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Joined: Nov 05 2008
Location: Bracknell
Their reasoning is the large rubber elbows which channel the cables are different on later models. I think the affect ones were basically straight through rubber channels, whereas the unaffected ones had a 90 degree bend.

Although we have had several reports of cars not included in the recall having the same problem. Although most of these have taken them to a Citroen dealer, explained the problem and had the recall work carried out even though it doesn't specify their car. That really depends on your dealer's level of service though.
Mon Feb 13 2012, 12:09pm

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The reason it's not covered is that 'terry' has a 5 door hatch, the recall only applied to 3 door coupes as the cable run between the body and tailgate is different and more prone to fail on the coupes.

As Biohead says though, it really depends on the level of support you get from your dealer as to whether you get the harness replaced or not. However the car is a 2005 registration so 7 years old.

But you could repair it, others have..
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