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Grand Picasso C4 Recalls

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Fri Apr 27 2012, 03:05am
Cheers John :0)
Fri Apr 27 2012, 05:46am

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Please Note: The Recall page is only meant to cover Safety Recalls that go via VOSA, not 'quality' ones issued by the dealers.

The 'Quality' ones can only be added if someone supplies me with the details.
Fri Apr 27 2012, 09:56am
Cheers Dave. But that was the point. I don't know exactly what this recall was for, all I was told is to put film in the engine bay,

Fire retardant? Anti corrosion?
Etc etc. could be anything I guess, just wondered if anyone could shed some light is all.
Tue May 01 2012, 05:16am

Just spoken to local dealer re adhesive film.

The recall says it is to be attached to the bulkhead soundproofing to increase water run off in that area during washing or inclement weather

Makes perfect sense as mine drips for a full day after I wash her .

Feel free to delete this or move it to more suitable thread :0)
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 petercollins (14 May 2012 : 07:55) ,  (07 Sep 2012 : 15:36)
Sat Sep 01 2012, 04:39pm
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Just got a registered mail recall notice from Citroen here in Germany regarding the wire harness leading to the starter.Looks like it'll be in for an hour at their cost to fix. Haven't seen this go live anywhere else so a heads up to C4GP owners. Our GP has a build date of approx December 2006, not sure how far up the production line this goes.

Will post more once I get the service done.
Sun Sep 02 2012, 01:34am

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Problem with 're calls' is that not all are 'safety' related but are 'quality' ones so people like VOSA in the UK don't get involved.

There is a list of known C4 safety related recalls: HERE
Sun Dec 23 2012, 03:02am
Just had mine to evans halshaw doncaster and they have done only looks like a piece of stick backed plastic.They also did visual check on the car they said that it is due for it's service still 5000 miles on the counter and the rear brake pads are 80% woren. They quated me £92 plus vat for parts and £215 for the service no wonder they call them main steelers my local garage that i use will charge me less that half than that price.
Wed Jul 08 2015, 09:58am
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Hi. I wonder my 2009 Exclusive will be eliigible for this recall? I just spoke to a garage that mainly deals with automatic gear, and they told me that they think it will be more engine related if it does not shudder when it stalls. In low speed, it goes just quiet, and next moment, I have stalled the car. It does not start easily with full accelerator, I need to wait 30seconds at l;east, before it starts pulling or it will not start but stall immediately. More obvious in hot weather.
Anyone can give me what it might be? My garage cannot find fault with it.
Wed Jul 08 2015, 12:32pm

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Register with Citroen for re call updates - Click Here - then you'll know.
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