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Citroën C4 reverse lights always on

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Thu May 22 2008, 01:16am
I had this problem a few months ago and then all of a sudden it went away.
I see last week that the problem is back, the reverse lights burn all the time, even if I switch the headlights off. Also, when the reverse light problem started, my safety belt reminder alarm also does not work anymore.

I went to the Citroen dealer yesterday and my cars warranty expired last month My car will be going in next month, but I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how I could go about resolving this myself.
Thu May 22 2008, 04:10am
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Could be something as simple as the switch at the bottom of the gearstick. When you put the car into reverse the 2 things you describe happen, reversing light comes on and the seat belt warning sound stops. If you cannot get the car hooked up to a diagnostic computer to tell you what switchs/sensors are active at any time I would start with the in reverse gear switch.
Dover Rover   
Thu May 22 2008, 10:15am
Does sound like its the switch stuck, reason the seatbelt warning does not operate as it thinks your going backwards and seatbelts are not required (by law) when in reverse!
Thu May 22 2008, 11:05am
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Had the same problem with my C4 VTR+ Coupe, after about 2 months from new.
Reversing lights stuck on during a driving lesson. Had real problems getting to the bulbs, only managed to get the light clusters out with loads of cursing and pliers. The nut was a [%*^#@!] to undo and impossible with just fingers. Drove the rest of the day with no reverse bulbs in, fixed the next day under warranty, it was the switch.

Just reviewed the post didn't mean to swear. I said bu**er. Didn't realise it censored the posts, very clever !!!!
Fri May 23 2008, 06:59am
Thanks for the replies.
Strange, I also have a C4 VTR+ Coupe

I will see what I can do, if not, then take it in and pay the hefty bill.
Mon May 26 2008, 12:44pm
Same problem here. No doubt it is the reversing switch.

Anybody knows where to find it, so I don't have to spend whole day taking the car apart...? Service manual will do too.

Many thanks.

Mon May 26 2008, 01:43pm
I'd be amazed if this wasn't easily fixed by a competent auto electrician. As the boys have said it's most likely a bad switch for reverse gear. If you can locate it (I'll try to find out tomorrow where it is) it could feasibly just need a bit of WD40 and a good clean. If not, I'm fairly sure the replacement switch would be fairly cheap as it's probably used by most manufacturers!
Tue Jun 03 2008, 07:01am
I've got the opposite on my VTS no reversing lights at all as well as the rear parking sensors and the rear wipe when reverse is engaged.

I'd say the switch but the dealer says they will have to look into it so it's booked in for the ABS recall and then they can do loads of warranty work on it.
Thu Jan 22 2009, 03:07pm
I had the problem on my 2006 2.0 VTS - reverse lights permanently on with parking sensors showing on centre display. It was quite a simple fix :
I bought a reverse gear sensor from the main dealer for the bargain price of £6.01. Then I unscrewed/unclipped and removed the air filter box. The reverse sensor is right there in front of you on the gear box. I disconnected the wiring plug and temporarily plugged it into the new switch, turned on the ignition and verified that I could now turn on & off the reverse lights.
Then I removed the old switch with a deep 22mm socket and replaced with the new one, replaced the air filter and job done. Easy.

Hope this helps someone.
Thu Jan 22 2009, 06:25pm

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Which gearbox are we talking about?
Fri Jan 23 2009, 03:03am
Hi BigJohnD,
my fix is for the manual gearbox on the VTS.
Fri Jan 23 2009, 12:36pm
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Try the switch connection on gearbox/ looks like it's open circuit you might need new!diconnect it and see if lights go off first, Was auto Audio fitter a while back.
Sat Jan 30 2010, 07:10am
hi I got the same problem with my reversing lights on my C4 Coupe VTR+ 1.6 HDi. Where is the section on the gearbox that has been mentioned? So I can check out the connection for the switch
Sat Jan 30 2010, 08:36am
Found the plug on the gearbox (purple?) and removed it and the lights are now off so the switch must be stuck or faulty. What's the best way to remove the switch?
Mon Dec 19 2011, 06:01am
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I have now got this which is really annoying when towing as my reverse sensors are constantly beeping!! argh!

**updt, contacted dealers, they had part in stock (£8 something +vat) and after a little pleading managed to get it done today! total £67ish inc vat. Not too unhappy with that. more so that they managed to do it on such short notice just before xmas and it would have taken me ages to do it my self I am sure!
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