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The C4 has left the building

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Fri Apr 25 2008, 12:03pm
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Joined: Oct 09 2007
Location: Scotland
Well not so much the building but left my ownership. After 29 months and 33,135 miles I traded the C4 hatch in for a Toyota Corolla Verso (see my “turning Japanese” post). So here is the long term ownership report for my C4…

Bought brand new for £11,850 in Dec 2005

1st minor irritation was that the trim was not as specified in that the nearside boot pocket did not have a cover. Having ordered up a spare part only to find it was an open boot pocket the salesman’s solution was to nab a piece of trim from another C4 on the forecourt.

At 640 miles I had the cruise control failure issue the details of which are covered in other forum posts. I was initially told by the dealer to just wait and see if it happened again. It was not until other owners on this forum reported similar experiences and the actual fix that I knew there was something that could be done. After the software patch did not work the fault was finally cured by replacing the clutch pedal sensor.

In Feb 06 the car went in for the XXL recall (and had the clutch sensor replaced).

Next visit to the garage was the 12,500 mile service in September 06

Noticed an improvement in MPG as the car passed the 10,000 mile mark.

June 07 and the car had it’s 25,000 mile service, the pollen filter was replaced as were all the wiper blades. The car also had to have a catch replaced on the rear nearside seat. Again this issue is not uncommon and there is a forum post discussing it. The catch was replaced under warranty.

In September 07 at around 30,000 miles I replaced all the tyres with Good Year NCT5’s. These seem to be very difficult to balance on the C4 and whilst I had no problem with them on a previous car I would not recommend them for the C4. See other forum posts discussing tyres and vibration caused by incorrect balancing.

In November 07 the car started leaking through what appeared to be the hatch on the nearside. After 2 attempts to fix it a box section of the bodywork had to be filled. The damage caused meant a further trip to the garage to replace the headlining. All the work was done under warranty. After the headlining was replaced the offside sun visor no longer clipped into place correctly. I didn’t bother reporting this as the car had already been back to the garage 3 times for the leak to be fixed.

Whilst the car was in for the headlining replacement the ABS ECU recall was issued. So this work was carried out at the same time. Unfortunately the replacement ECU was faulty and the garage had to wait for Citroen to send out a 2nd unit.

March 08 and the offside dipped headlight bulb went. Have to say that those spring clips are a real pain unless you have a mirror handy to see what you are doing. That said after you have replaced a bulb once it is much easier the next time. There is a forum post all about bulb changing so again not uncommon for owners to struggle.

April 08 and time to change the car, 4 days before the trade in and wake up to a seriously cracked windscreen. The replacement was all sorted by AutoGlass and a £75 excess. But at least it didn’t cost me the £250 plus (without insurance) or any damage to the no claims bonus.

25/4/08 The car was traded in for £6250 with 33,135 miles on it.

Overall average MPG was 48 and the furthest I managed on 1 tank was 664.2 miles. Total cost of the 3,109 litres I put in the tank was £2,820.

Final thoughts, the C4 is a great motorway cruiser and pretty good all rounder. Yes it is alive with technology but sometimes this can be its Achilles’ heel with all the sensors and software that need to be kept in check. Overall ownership experience was good but I would not run the car out of warranty unless I had a friend who worked for Citroen as a mechanic. Most annoying things, the reversing light position and the fact the rear wiper only has an intermittent setting. Best things, the value for money and the 1.6HDi engine.
Fri Apr 25 2008, 02:35pm

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Joined: Jan 29 2007
Location: Bristol
Key question Ian....are you leaving us?...I hate goodbyes
Fri Apr 25 2008, 02:45pm
Member No: #1276
Joined: Oct 09 2007
Location: Scotland
No I will keep my eye on the forum. I want to know how reliable the C4 GP's are over the next few years. May switch back to Citroen in 3 or 4 years if the Toyota doesn't hack it Maybe sooner if some of those concept cars make it to the metal.

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